21 Jun, 2024

Building a Reading Habit #4: Finding the Time

https://www.planolibrarylearns.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Habit4AudioGram_mixdown.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download In building a reading habit, finding the time is critical. One of the most common reasons people don’t read is “I don’t have the time.” As mentioned in Building a Reading Habit #2, starting with a small time allocation is probably critical when going from “not being […]

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Building a Reading Habit #3: Environment

https://www.planolibrarylearns.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Habit3AudioGram_mixdown.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download A lot of advice regarding reading suggests that you create a perfect little reading oasis, where you have peace and tranquility, no interruptions and no distractions. Does that sound like a possibility in your life? If so, then go for it; but, for the rest of us […]

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Building a Reading Habit #2: How Much To Read? Start Small!

https://www.planolibrarylearns.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Habit2AudioGram_mixdown.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download One of the biggest challenges in developing a reading habit is deciding how much you can read every day. It’s important that you have a realistic goal. If you currently don’t spend any time at all reading on a daily basis then starting small is probably wise. […]

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Building a Reading Habit #1: Read What You Like!

https://www.planolibrarylearns.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Habit1AudioGram_mixdown.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Do you wish you read more? Reading takes time, which is a scarce commodity for most adults, but there are strategies and practices you can adopt to create a reading habit! In this series of posts we’ll explore ways the average adult can read more by creating […]

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Teaching Books: A Hidden Gem

One of PPL’s hidden gems is the Teaching Books database. “Teaching Books” is only a portion of the wealth of resources for young readers and their teachers. Go In-Depth with Books On Teaching Books, you can hear exclusive interviews with popular authors, watch book trailers or read posts from authors about their process. Teachers and […]

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Celebrate Small Business Week with PPL!

April 28-May 4, 2024 is National Small Business Week, and the library is here to support you and your small business. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing webinars, programs and resources available to develop and grow your own business. Business is a key component of our community, providing products, services, experiences and jobs. […]

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