24 Apr, 2024

Pro-Tip for Entrepreneurs: Networking is Key!

Guest post written by Holly McGowan, SCORE Dallas business mentor and workshop chair Congratulations! You have an idea, and you are ready to launch a business (or you already have)! But when people build a business, there’s one crucial element that often gets overlooked: networking. Think of networking as your secret goldmine, waiting to be […]

6 mins read

Getting Started: Gale Business – Entrepreneurship

Gale Business: Entrepreneurship is a reference database for all aspects of running a business. It includes start-up plans, budgeting aids, employee management ideas, marketing case studies, and more. With your Plano Public Library card, you have access to this amazing resource! You can get the basics in this blog post, and learn more during our […]

3 mins read

Small Business Week at Plano Public Library

Plano Public Library offers many educational and engaging workshops to the community, including those looking to boost their business and career skills. We have worked with many local partners to share their expertise in business, including Debra Austin, of Chaos2Results Business Coaching, and Don Walter, a SCORE Mentor for businesses. Read more about their experience […]

2 mins read