Getting Started with NoveList
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Getting Started with NoveList

Finding a new book to read can be a challenge. Use NoveList to find your next spectacular read!

Never wonder what to read next, because NoveList is here to help. Novelist is a database available through the Plano Public Library online resources page. Input your library card number for access to NoveList’s database of titles, authors, genres and more. This resource can help everyone from children through adults find a new book to enjoy.

NoveList has several features for making your search easier. Explore different genres, award lists, age ranges or even mood. This robust resource also provides ready-made book lists and book club resources.


Looking for something new, but not sure where to start? Search any favored title, author or series and view curated read-alike suggestions that pair subjects, tone, writing style and audience. Search for more picks by scrolling down on any title and selecting from a variety of search terms.

You will also see Read-alikes within the detailed information about a book, on the right-hand side of the page

NoveList K-8

For younger readers, parents and teachers, NoveList K-8 is available via Plano Public Library as well. This refined version of NoveList is dedicated to the reading exploration of young readers. Search for books using Lexile ranges and Accelerated Reading levels, and uncover reading lists based on age group, genre and theme.

NoveList in the Catalog

When you search for an item in the library catalog, many have a “Suggestions and More” section, which connects to NoveList. This will give you a list of similar titles and authors you can explore within the catalog.

NoveList is a great tool for helping you or a child in your life find a new book to enjoy. Explore NoveList today to start your next reading adventure!

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  1. I know I I list a book. So my Library card is not in good standing. I would like to pay restitution & fix it, if you could tell me how & how much.

    1. Thanks for sending us this message. There are two ways to pay fees: 1) Call one of our five locations to have a staff person look into your account and discuss payment. You can find locations and phone numbers on our website here: and 2) You can go to and click on “My Account” and “Log In”. Use your library card number and PIN (last four digits of your phone number) to log into your account. You can find the fee amount in the “Fines and Fees” section and pay online.

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