21 Jun, 2024


Menus, as we know them, are believed to date back to the 1100s in China, but they started becoming more commonplace worldwide during the mid-1800s. Let’s examine some of the menus from the Gladys Harrington Scrapbooks and the Plano High School football banquets for this month’s #ArchivesHashtagParty about the #ArchivesMenu.  High School Banquets Banquets are […]

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All American: The Power of Sports 

#ArchivesSports memorabilia is prevalent among the items in the Plano Public Library Archives. The collection has a baseball cap, letter patches and a 1934 Plano High School Letter Sweater with a bi-district champion patch. Notice the size of the sweater compared to librarian Tre. A Plano Senior High football player of today is unlikely to […]

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Postcards have been a quick, easy, and fun way to communicate with loved ones since the creation of the post office. Adorned with eye-catching images, postcards have been used to capture the people, places, and events of everyday life. Let’s explore some of Plano’s very own #ArchivesPostcard collection and the places they show! Clark Stadium […]

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Plano has grown tremendously since it was founded in the 1800s. Starting as a small community of farmers, Plano has grown to a city of almost 300,000 people. As part of this month’s #ArchivesHashtagParty, we’re comparing photos of the same location during Plano’s past and present. Do you recognize these #ArchivesOnMyStreet locations? J.W. Shepard Mule […]

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#ArchivesTrailblazers & Women of Plano

The early women of Plano, Texas led the way for the women of Plano today. They were wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, brides, athletes, farmers, teachers, historians, and much more. The students in high school were athletic and intelligent. Women had to work on the farms to prepare for the harsh seasons. To celebrate International Women’s […]

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#ArchivesBFF: Exploring Love & Friendship

The February National Archives #ArchivesHashtagParty theme is BFF (best friends forever), and we’ve explored the Genealogy Center’s archives to bring you some gems. High School Notes to/from Cupid Plano High School has had a newsletter for many years called Wildcat’s Tale. The Genealogy Center has some from 1933-1935 and 1965-1967. The February 1934 issue included a […]

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In a collection full of great Plano history, one of our favorite pieces is a prime example of #ArchivesBookLove. One of the first donations to the archives collection was the original diary of Lizzie Mathews Carpenter (1876-1880). The archives has five volumes of her diaries, although the others are transcriptions of the originals. Elizabeth Mathews […]

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In the age of the email signature, there’s something beautiful about a handwritten name. Your signature is evidence of who you are and it is supposed to be as unique as a thumbprint (although famous forgeries exist). This month, we are celebrating #ArchivesSignatures for the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) #ArchivesHashtagParty.  Used to seal […]

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