22 Jul, 2024

LinkedIn Learning

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LinkedIn Learning – Provides online training courses that cover a variety of topics (including business, design, web development and multimedia skills) and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications) 

LinkedIn Learning home page

Requirements: Library card, Internet 

Business and Career Applications for LinkedIn Learning 

  • Learning paths for soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership, time management, building rapport and negotiation 
  • Learning paths for technical skills such as Microsoft Office, graphic design, Adobe Suite and more 
  • Learning paths for business related topics such as writing a business plan, investments, ethics and entrepreneurship 
  • A great resource for professionals needing refreshers or novices looking to learn a completely new skill 

Learn how to search, save videos and set up a profile to get the most out of this free library resource in our workshop from July 2020. Some library services mentioned in the workshop (computer reservations, Adobe Creative Cloud) were specific to that time; see the library website for the most recent service updates. 

Sometimes LinkedIn Learning asks for the “Library ID” before you can log in with your library card number and PIN. The Library ID is planolibrary (all one word, no capitalization). Sometimes it has the URL mostly filled out, like in your photo below, if not here it is typed out: www.linkedin.com/learning-login/go/planolibrary

LinkedIn for Career Success: LinkedIn Learning (10/27/21)

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