12 Jul, 2024

Digital Creation Spaces

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Unleash your imagination at the Plano Public Library’s Digital Creation Space. 

Located at Harrington, Haggard and Parr Libraries, use our free resources to record a podcast, digitally paint a webcomic, work on group media projects, format a novel, create a digital photo book and more. 

Can’t make it to Harrington, Haggard or Parr? All five Plano Public Library locations have a Digital Creation computer with Adobe Creative Cloud. Bring photos to edit, videos to compile, audio to adjust and more. 

How to Access this Technology & Space

Reserve an Adobe Computer or the Digital Creation Space through the Room Reservation page on our website. Reservations are limited availability and users must have a library card in good standing. Users 13-17 years old require parent/guardian permission to use the Digital Creation Space. 

Hours of Operation
Mon-Thu, 9 am – 8 pm
Fri, 9 am – 5 pm
Sat, 10 am – 5 pm
Sun, 1 – 4 pm

Technology Available to Use

In the Digital Creation Spaces you can:

Each space has computers with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office applications, as well as cameras, microphones, drawing tablets and lighting systems.

Recently added software includes:

  • Unity – game coding software; free open-source
  • Visual Studio Code – coding software; free open-source (Needed to work with Unity)
  • Soundbridge – a complete digital audio workstation (DAW) works with DCS MIDI sound mixer; free open-source 
  • UnReal Engine 4 – 3D design software; free open-source
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