24 Apr, 2024


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Pronunciator – A fun and easy way to learn to speak, read and write any of 146 languages. Includes live tutors, feature films, music with lyrics, pronunciation analysis, quizzes and more! Also features ESL for 50 non-English languages plus free apps for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices. 

Pronunciator home page; register for a free account

Requirements: Plano Public Library card, internet access 

Business and Career Applications for Pronunciator: 

  • Pronunciator features individualized courses based on your occupation to help you learn words in other languages that are beneficial in your line of work. 
  • Pronunciator can help if you are traveling for work and need to brush up on some commonly used phrases. 
  • Being multi-lingual is a skill sought by many employers; some companies even offer higher pay for employees who speak more than one language. 
  • If you work in a field that puts you in contact with a substantial amount of people, learning a second language may help you communicate with and serve a wider audience. 

Language Learning from the Library 

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