21 Jun, 2024

Plano Police Safety Series

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Plano Police Officer Chris Bianez offers personal and property safety classes through the library (and beyond). Learn some of his top safety tips, including how to avoid fraud and scams. Listen to Officer Bianez on the Plano Library Speaks podcast to hear some quick tips to stay safe.

Protecting Children

Plano Police Officer Chris Bianez helps parents and caregivers with tips for identifying possible danger, a team approach to safety, and what children need to know to protect themselves. Learn what technology is safe for kids and how to protect children from online predators.

Online Resources

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17 Cyber Experts Share Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Internet Safety

Personal Safety for College-bound Students

Be prepared to protect yourself and your property, avoid identify theft and recognize unsafe situations. Presented by Plano Police Officer Chris Bianez.

Personal Safety

Plano Police Officer Chris Bianez shares information on how to recognize danger, employing effective weapons, and strategies to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Property Safety

Plano Police Officer Chris Bianez offers tips for protecting your home and vehicles. Learn about safety precautions you can take and when and how to call on your crime-fighting team.

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