18 May, 2024


Postcards have been a quick, easy, and fun way to communicate with loved ones since the creation of the post office. Adorned with eye-catching images, postcards have been used to capture the people, places, and events of everyday life. Let’s explore some of Plano’s very own #ArchivesPostcard collection and the places they show! Clark Stadium […]

3 mins read


Plano has grown tremendously since it was founded in the 1800s. Starting as a small community of farmers, Plano has grown to a city of almost 300,000 people. As part of this month’s #ArchivesHashtagParty, we’re comparing photos of the same location during Plano’s past and present. Do you recognize these #ArchivesOnMyStreet locations? J.W. Shepard Mule […]

3 mins read