Teen Street Team Recommends: Pronunciator
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Teen Street Team Recommends: Pronunciator

Pronunciator is a language-learning tool you have access to with your Plano Public Library card. Learn more about it from guest writer and Teen Street Team member Eason.

Let’s face it. Finding resources for learning languages is really hard. Websites are often cluttered with ads, locked behind paywalls, or simply don’t have enough content to provide meaningful guidance. Luckily, we have Pronunciator. 

Price: Free 

Available from: Plano Public Library website under Library → Research and Learn → Literature and Languages → Pronunciator – Language Learning 

Platforms: Web, Android, Apple and Kindle Fire 

Pronunciator is a completely free language learning tool that covers more than 300 languages. Whether you want to work on a common language for use in real life, like Spanish or French, or hone your skills in a niche language like Latin or Yiddish, Pronunciator has something for you. Even the smaller courses on the website provide you with hundreds of grammar topics, thousands of examples and an accurate, reliable translator. Most languages have even more still, including structured courses suitable for all skill levels and a chatbot. 

Personally, I use Pronunciator for Latin, and it has helped me immensely. As a dead language, there are very few speakers of Latin – zero, to be specific. As a result, trying to think in Latin or speak it with someone is extremely difficult. The chatbot in Pronunciator is really helpful for me in this case because it allows me to talk with “someone”. Even better, if I mess up a sentence or don’t understand something the chatbot says, it will offer constructive feedback or an explanation. 

This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, trust me, it’s real and 100% free of charge. No annoying ads or paywalls too!  


In Pronunciator, immersing yourself in a new language is truly only a few clicks away. 

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