#PPLArtPrompt: Cubism Art by Pablo Picasso
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#PPLArtPrompt: Cubism Art by Pablo Picasso

We’re getting really artsy this spring with an April Art initiative. Throughout April, we are hosting art workshops where you can contribute to the Library Blooms community art exhibit – see our event list at the bottom of this post. Sow your art creations and see the installation at Haggard Library May 3-4, 2024.

To get you into the creative mood, we’re going to post art prompts here on Plano Library Learns. Continue reading to learn about artist Pablo Picasso and the Cubism art style. If you create art using this prompt, be sure to tag us on social media (@planolibrary) and use the #PPLArtPrompt hashtag!

Who was Pablo Picasso?

  • Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain
  • Pablo Picasso was a co-founder of Cubism with Georges Braque

Just like William Shakespeare on literature, and Sigmund Freud on psychology, Picasso’s impact on art is tremendous. No one has achieved the same degree of widespread fame or displayed such incredible versatility as Pablo Picasso has in art history. Picasso’s free spirit, his eccentric style, and his complete disregard for what others thought of his work and creative style, made him a catalyst for artists to follow. Now known as the father of modern art, Picasso’s originality touched every major artist and art movement that followed in his wake. Even as of today, his life and works continue to invite countless scholarly interpretations and attract thousands of followers around the world.


What is Cubism?

Cubism is when the artist paints an object from different angles all in the same picture.

Pablo PicassoThree Musicians (1921)

Art Prompt

Supplies needed: Paper, scissors, pencil/pens/markers

Engage Through Art: Face of Many Viewpoints​

  • Choose a family member to be your “model”​
    • Now choose a feeling you want to create for your model​
      • What feeling do they remind you of?​
  • Draw 5-8 different shapes on your paper and cut them out​
  • Now divide up the shapes, and everyone draws a facial feature from a different angle​ (straight on, from the left, from the right, upside down​)
  • Arrange the shapes in the configuration that gives you a sense of that person​
    • Glue down your shapes when your family is happy with how they look​
  • Title your creation​

Head of a Woman (1937) | Head of a Woman (1962) | The Weeping Woman (1937)

Continue Exploring Art

STEAM Kits: we have a collection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) kits with hands-on activities, books and DVDs to explore a topic. For art, these include:

  • Preschool – Drawing
  • Elementary – Drawing
  • Elementary – Nature Drawing
  • Adult – Stamping
  • Adult – Mobile Photography
  • Adult – Watercolor Pencil

Attend a program: we have art programs for all ages! See the Engage brochure or online calendar for details. Here are some events coming up (April 2024):

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