Camping Tips and Tricks
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Camping Tips and Tricks

We say we’re #MoreThanBooks, but we also have plenty of books to help you learn the ins and out of camping! Be prepared for your next adventure with Plano Public Library. This list includes non-fiction titles for everything you need to know as well as picture books to help your littlest ones experience camping through books.


Curious About Camping by Kristin Eberth Print Book
Questions and answers give kids the fundamentals of camping, including what to pack and where to camp. Includes infographics to support visual learning and back matter to support research skills, plus a glossary and index.

Camping and Hiking Encyclopedia by Kathryn Hulick Print Book
The Camping and Hiking Encyclopedia allows readers to explore outdoor opportunities. Alongside information that ranges from RV camping to backcountry hikes, readers will learn about ways to prepare for a camping or hiking trip as well as ways to safely enjoy their time in nature.

Every Dog Deserves an Adventure: Amazing Stories of Camping with Dogs by L. J. Tracosas Print Book
From the backcountry to car camping, mountaintop hikes to beach-day hikes, learn how to keep your dog safe and happy while on an adventure. In Every Dog Deserves an Adventure, the Camping With Dogs team shares stories, photos, safety tips, and hiking bucket lists to inspire you to get outside and enjoy nature with your dog.

Cook it Wild: Sensational Prep-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors by Chris Nuttall-Smith Print Book
Say goodbye to ho-hum canned beans and freeze-dried backpacking meals. With prep-ahead recipes and field-tested advice, flavor-packed dishes like herby lemon chicken, vegan dan dan noodles and even fire-baked pecan sticky buns become deliciously doable and fuss-free. Each recipe is divided into “at home” and “at camp” sections, so most of the cooking is done before your trip.

Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks by Stephanie Puglisi Print Book
The Puglisis will help you understand the different types of camping accommodations, find hidden gems across the country, and plan your family’s next bucket list trip. It’s time to make some memories in America’s breathtaking national parks system! Also available, Where Should We Camp Next?: a 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations Print Book

USA RV Adventures: 25 Epic Routes by Bonnie Sinclair Print Book
A guide to America’s best RV road trips provides 25 flexible itineraries, the best routes for sightseeing, local flavors, expert advice, comprehensive planning resources, and RV basics and essential tips.

20,000 Steps Around the World: Great Hikes, Walks, Routes and Rambles by Stuart Butler Print Book
From vigorous hikes around Lake Tahoe to enjoying the charms of England’s Thames Valley, there is something for everyone. The book is organized into 50 main itineraries that link to three to five additional similar or related routes.

Camping’s Top Secrets: a Lexicon of Modern Bushcraft by Cliff Jacobson Print Book
Discover the best-kept secrets of expert campers, which are divulged in this book by Cliff Jacobson, a seasoned veteran of the sport. Once you learn the secrets of the experts, you can share these insider tips with your camping buddies. Dazzle your kids or scouts with the wealth of shortcuts disclosed in this surreptitious guide to comfort and security in the bush.

The Family Guide to Outdoor Adventures: 30 Wilderness Activities to Enjoy Nature Together! by Creek Stewart Print Book
From casting animal tracks and dyeing t-shirts with walnuts to building a debris hut and catching minnows with a spider web your family with get your hands dirty, learn some cool nature facts, and complete some awesome projects with your family. Explore, create, laugh, love, and experience the great outdoors together with The Family Guide to Outdoor Adventures.

The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Cooking by Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc. Print Book
Brimming with Pendleton’s signature patterns and timeless wisdom, this handsome book is a wonderful companion for families and friends who love spending time in nature. Discover expert tips on how to prep ingredients ahead of time, easily transport supplies, and cook over an open fire or camping stove.

Camping Texas: a Comprehensive Guide to More than 200 Campgrounds by Tom Behrens Print Book
Camping Texas provides useful tips on camping etiquette, camping with children, and enjoying–or avoiding–the state’s diverse and abundant wildlife.

The Green Barbecue: Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes to Cook Outdoors & In by Rukmini Iyer Print Book
As a vegetarian, Iyer is always crafting knockout veggie-centered dishes that highlight the unique flavors and textures of plant-based cooking. At the grill, her creativity comes to life, from appetizers and salads to hearty mains and sweet treats. Her showstopping vegan and vegetarian BBQ dishes will take any cookout from standard to standout.


Camping with Lily and Milo by Pauline Oud Print Book
This lively story follows Lily and Milo as they go on a camping vacation where things don’t quite go as planned, but they still have a great time anyway!

Wombats! Go Camping by Maddie Frost Print Book
Best friends, Albert and Pickles, are going camping for the first time and Albert must find a way to help Pickles enjoy the wilderness while they reunite a lost baby koala with its mother.

Let’s Go Camping by Jill McDonald Print Book
Kids can learn all about the joys of camping in this cheerful and informative board book–with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts.

Oakley the Squirrel: Camping 1, 2, 3! by Nancy Rose Print Book
Learn how to count with Oakley as he experiences the fun of a camping trip.

The Sharing Book by Dianne White Print Book
Three families come together and share everything from juice to joy on a camping trip.

A Bed of Stars by Jessica Love Print Book
A reassuring picture book about finding one’s place in the world follows a father as he takes his child on their first camping trip where he shows, under a blanket of stars, that the universe is a friendly place.

Bluey: Camping Print Book
Bluey goes camping with her family and makes a new friend named Jean-Luc! Despite the language barrier, they have fun planting fruit trees, hunting a wild pig, and more!

Daniel Goes Camping! by May Nakamura Wonderbook
Daniel is so excited to go on his very first camping trip with Dad Tiger! What could be more fun than sleeping in a tent and eating campfire stew under the stars?

The Whispering Woods by Poppy Green Print Book
While camping, Sophie, Hattie, and Owen hear strange noises in the woods and decide to investigate.

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