24 Apr, 2024

Have you Heard? Dangerous Waters

Take a bite out of these audiobooks featuring ocean life and tales of survival. Below you’ll find a selection of audiobook recommendations from the Plano Public Library relating to sharks and the ocean. This is just a sample of the audiobooks in our collection, and you can visit a library location for assistance in finding personalized recommendations.

11 mins read

2024 Lone Star Texas Reading List

Check out the 2024 Texas Lone Star reading list, developed by the Texas Library Association to encourage students in grades 6, 7, and 8 to explore a variety of current books. Plano Public Library has all 30 Lone Star books available for checkout, and you can visit a library location for information on Texas Library Association reading lists […]

9 mins read

Have you Heard? Man vs. Nature

Check out these stories of survival when battling hurricanes, blight, and other natural disasters. While not all the below recommendations are technically “Man” vs. nature (we may have snuck some rabbits and robots in), they all represent the spirit of survival and what humanity is willing to do in the face of impossible odds. This […]

12 mins read