2024 Texas 2×2 List
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2024 Texas 2×2 List

Check out the 2024 Texas 2×2 reading list, developed by the Texas Library Association to encourage voluntary reading for children aged two to grade two.

What are 2×2 books?

Plano Public Library has all 20 2×2 titles available for checkout, and you can visit a library location for information on Texas Library Association reading lists and to browse our Texas 2×2’s, Lone Star and Bluebonnet titles.

2024 2×2 Book List

100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli by David LaRochelle; illustrated by Lian Cho. This wacky counting adventure by Geisel Award-winning author David LaRochelle is a hilarious ode to dragons and math, with pitch-perfect art by Lian Cho. Print.

Beneath by Cori Doerrfeld. A child and their grandfather take a walk in the woods and discover more about themselves. Print.

Big by Vashti Harrison. This deeply moving story shares valuable lessons about fitting in, standing out, and the beauty of joyful acceptance. Print / eBook.

Boop! by Bea Birdsong; illustrated by Linzie Hunter. With interactive illustrations by Linzie Hunter (What If, Pig), this charming, playful, fun, and interactive picture book from Bea Birdsong invites kids to boop all the snoots they see. Perfect for dog lovers of all ages and fans of Press Here and Tap the Magic Tree. Print.

Butt or Face? Can you tell which end You’re Looking at? by Kari Lavelle. Can YOU tell a butt from a face? Discover fascinating facts about animals with this hilarious guessing game picture book! Print / eBook.

Catside Up, Catside Down by Anna Hrachovec. A collection of cozy, knitted cats find themselves in all sorts of funny positions in this rhyming picture book that introduces prepositions like over, under, between, beside, and many more! Print.

Cicada Symphony by Sue Fliess; illustrated by Gareth Lucas. Using a combination of rhythmic, rhyming verse and fun facts, this story describes the life cycle of the cicada and helps readers better understand this fascinating insect. Print.

Friends Beyond Measure by Lalena Fisher. explores the world of infographics, including maps, diagrams, charts, timelines, and so much more! From the chart showing how to make fairy tea to the Venn Diagram of the friends’ personalities, every page is filled with delicious details for the reader to pore over. Print.

How to Count to One by Caspar Salmon; illustrated by Matt Hunt. You know how to count, right? GREAT! There are LOTS of fun things to count in this book: whales, baboons, rainbows, pyramids… There’s just one rule. You must ONLY ever count to ONE. So don’t even about THINK bigger numbers. OK?! Print.

How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich in 17 Easy Steps by Bambi Edlund. A slightly overcomplicated and highly hilarious guide to making a peanut butter sandwich with all your critter friends. Print.

Jumper: A Day in the Life of a Backyard Jumping Spider by Jessica Lanan. From critically acclaimed illustrator of The Lost Package comes a bold nonfiction story following a day in the life of a backyard jumping spider – meticulously researched and utterly charming. Print.

Just One Flake by Travis Jonker. A hilarious celebration of wintertime, curiosity, and outdoor play in this author-illustrated picture book debut from acclaimed creator and elementary school librarian Travis Jonker. Print.

Mister Kitty is LOST! by Greg Pizzoli. A fun and interactive preschool adventure (with cutout surprises on almost every page!) that explores counting and colors, from the award-winning creator of The Watermelon Seed and Good Night Owl. Print.

More than Words by Roz MacLean. In the tradition of All Are Welcome and The Day You Begin comes a touching picture book about the many unique ways we communicate, and how we can better listen to and respect these different modes of expression. Print.

Mr. S by Monica Arnaldo. Prepare for plenty of giggles as a kindergarten class arrives for their first day of school, but can’t find their teacher–only a delicious-looking sandwich and the words “Mr. S” scribbled on the chalkboard. Print.

No Fair! by Jacob Grant. A big-hearted story about fairness and father-son love by the author-illustrator of No Pants! Print.

Our Pool by Lucy Ruth Cummins. On a hot day, people come from all over the city to spend the day at the pool in this joyful picture book that’s a love song to summer, the city, community, and staying cool! Print.

Papá’s Magical Water-Jug Clock by Jesús Trejo; illustrated by Eliza Kinkz. In Mexican American comedian Jesos Trejo’s debut picture book, a little boy makes a big, funny mistake and learns the value of resources like time and water-both of which have a magic all their own. Print / Spanish.

Simon and the Better Bone by Corey Tabor. Using the same innovative format as his Caldecott Honor winner, Mel Fell, Corey R. Tabor reimagines Aesop’s “The Dog and His Reflection” in a clever, charming tale of empathy and generosity. Print.

Very Good Hats by Emma Straub; illustrated by Blanca Gómez. The first picture book by bestselling novelist Emma Straub, author of This Time Tomorrow, this is a joyous, inventive, adorably illustrated read-aloud that will inspire kids to see ordinary objects in a whole new way. Print / Wonderbook.

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