Global Explorers: Korea
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Global Explorers: Korea

Global Explorers is a new series of programs for the whole family to learn about countries, cultures and experiences found around the world. Next up is Korea, meeting on Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 2pm at Davis Library. Continue reading to explore the library’s collection and learn about Korean food, culture and more.

Travel Guides and Experiences

Focus on South Korea by Heather Hudak Print
South Korea is highly regarded for its transformation from a largely agricultural society to an urban, technologically advanced nation. Read all about the mountains and hills that dominate South Korea’s landscape, its growing urban centers, the kingdoms and dynasties that prospered from its resources, and daily life and culture for South Koreans today.

Fodor’s Seoul: with Busan, Jeju, and the Best of Korea Print
Whether you want to hike in Bukhansan National Park, sing K-Pop in a karaoke room, or eat Korean street food at Gwangjang Market, the local Fodor’s travel experts in Seoul are here to help! Fodor’s Seoul guidebook is packed with maps, carefully curated recommendations, and everything else you need to simplify your trip-planning process and make the most of your time.

Top 10: Seoul Print
Encapsulating traditional tearooms, cutting-edge boutiques and K-pop spots, South Korea’s capital is the perfect introduction to Korean culture.

Your Passport to South Korea by Nancy Dickmann Print
What is it like to live in or visit South Korea? What makes South Korea’s culture unique? Explore the geography, traditions, and daily lives of South Korean people.


Koreaworld: a Cookbook by Deuki Hong Print
Join chef Deuki Hong and journalist Matt Rodbard as they take an insider’s look at the exciting evolution of Korean food in modern times, breaking new recipe ground with beloved sweet-spicy barbecue, creative rice and seafood dishes, powerful stews, and KPOP-fueled street food.

Taste Korea: Korean Recipes with Local Ingredients by Ae Jin Huys Print
What makes Korean food so tasty? The secret is in the “jangs,” sauces that have been a staple of Korean cuisine for thousands of years. Ae Jin Huys already introduced us to kimchi, Korean fermented vegetables. In this book she shows how to use various jangs to season your meals.

The Korean Cookbook by Junghyun Park Print
Acclaimed Atomix chef JP Park and culinary researcher, chef, and writer Jungyoon Choi share their years of research and expertise, together with their knowledge of the ingredients, culture, and traditions of Korean food in this, the first comprehensive book on Korean home cooking, expansive in breadth and approach and filled with tasty and achievable authentic recipes for the home cook.

Korean Home Cooking: 100 Authentic Everyday Recipes, from Bulgogi to Bibimbap by Jina Jung Print
Welcome to Korean Home Cooking, where the food isn’t complicated but there is an art and tradition in its arrangement. Start with traditional, simple and tasty family recipes such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbap and Pork Bulgolgi, and stay for the opportunity to learn new skills, like fermenting your own pickles, and creating classic stews, soups and your own Korean barbecue.

The Korean K-Drama Cookbook by Heejae Choi Print
Here you’ll find 61 delicious recipes for classic Korean dishes, including those you may have seen on your favorite K-Drama shows. In addition to the easy-to-make, fully illustrated recipes for main and side dishes, you’ll also find recipes for Korean cocktails and tasty snacks to enjoy while you’re watching TV.

People & History

Koreatown Dreaming: Stories and Portraits of Korean Immigrant Life by Emanuel Hahn Print
A successful self-published project, now in a new and expanded trade package, Koreatown Dreaming offers readers an intimate look into the lives of shopkeepers and small business owners in Los Angeles Koreatown.

My Indigo World: a True Story of the Color Blue by Rosa Change Print
Rosa, a Korean girl, falls in love with the color blue–the dazzling blue of the sea and sky, and the bold, bright indigo-blue stripe in her traditional hanbok robe. Years later, as an artist living in the United States, Rosa learns the ancient Korean method of indigo dyeing, creates indigo arts and crafts, and even grows her own indigo plants at a Baltimore community garden.

Tell Me the Dream Again: Reflections on Family, Ethnicity, and the Sacred Work of Belonging by Tasha Jun Print
Tasha Jun has always been caught between worlds: American and Korean, faith and doubt, family devotion and fierce independence. As a Korean American, she wandered between seemingly opposing worlds, struggling to find a voice to speak and a firm place for her feet to land.

Shrimp to Whale: South Korea from the Forgotten War to K-Pop by Ramon Pacheco Pardo Print
South Korea’s is the story of a people who dreamt big, and saw their dreams coming true. This is the history of South Korea, from its millennia-old roots, through its foundation as a nation-state and economic development under dictatorship, to its present as a rich, free and cool country on the world stage.

Popular Culture

Flawless: Lessons in Looks and Culture from the K-Beauty Capital by Elise Hu Print
An audacious journalistic exploration of the present and future of beauty through the lens of South Korea’s booming “K-beauty” industry and the culture it promotes.

Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS by Myeongseok Kang Print
BTS shares personal, behind-the-scenes stories of their journey so far through interviews and more than three years of in-depth coverage by Myeongseok Kang, who has written about K-pop and other Korean pop culture in various media. Presented chronologically in seven chapters from before the debut of BTS to the present, their vivid voices and opinions harmonize to tell a sincere, lively, and deep story.

Skin Care for Your Soul by Jude Chao Print
The Korean skincare routine invites us to look at our skincare not only as a way to reduce lines and wrinkles or clear up breakouts, but as a tool for developing our self-care habits. Steady improvement is the goal.

Samsung Rising by Geoffrey Cain Print
An explosive expose of one of the biggest and most secretive companies in the world, Samsung, as the Korean juggernaut battles Apple and Sony to rule the world of technology.


Korean Bilingual Backpack

Korean Hangul for Beginners by Emily Curtis Print
An interactive workbook for beginners to learn how to write and read Korean quickly! This easy workbook has everything you need to learn the Korean scripts–clear explanations, plentiful practice exercises, and free online audio recordings by native speakers.

King Sejong Invents an Alphabet by Carol Kim Print
In 15th-century Korea, King Sejong was distressed. The complicated Chinese characters used for reading and writing meant only rich, educated people could read-and that was just the way they wanted it. But King Sejong thought all Koreans should be able to read and write, so he worked in secret for years to create a new Korean alphabet

2000 Most Common Korean Words in Context Print
Get fluent and increase your Korean vocabulary with 2000 Korean phrases.

Plano Public Library has a World Language and Junior World Language collection, which includes books and movies in the Korean language. Browse our catalog to see what we have. Be sure to check out PressReader for newspapers and magazines from Korea, too!

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