Hidden Gems: GALE Interactive Science
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Hidden Gems: GALE Interactive Science

We have a host of fantastic databases from GALE with up-to-date articles, curated full-text periodicals, and more for all ages on all kinds of topics, but GALE Interactive Science is unique. It brings science to life through 3D models of more than 200 concepts, from the surface of Mars to the inner-workings of a cell.

Looking at science models

With each model, you can click and drag to take apart, rotate and zoom in to learn how things work. You can see how the pieces of a hydropower plant fit together, the tiny bones in the human ear or the layers of a volcano.

Dissection alternative

Try using it as an alternative to lab dissections and see the body systems of a frog or a fetal pig. Click and drag bones and organs to see how everything fits together, with captions to explain what you are seeing.

Additional information

There are also corresponding encyclopedia-style articles to the side with more information and links to explore related topics. (Not to mention ready-made citations for your bibliography!)

Quiz your knowledge

Each model also comes with quiz questions to review what has been covered and some have additional exercises to match labels to the correct part and more.

Chemistry help

The chemistry section helps students visualize abstract concepts like balancing equations. At the digital workbench, you can click to add molecules to each side and check your work. This section has models to teach the concepts and to practice them, plus quizzes to help review.

3D print models at the library

One final fun feature is a library of 3D printable models. Save one of these files and bring it in to Davis, Harrington, or Parr Library to print it on one of our 3D printers!

For more on our 3D Printing services, click here.

Happy learning!

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