Building a Reading Habit #3: Environment
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Building a Reading Habit #3: Environment

A lot of advice regarding reading suggests that you create a perfect little reading oasis, where you have peace and tranquility, no interruptions and no distractions. Does that sound like a possibility in your life? If so, then go for it; but, for the rest of us here are some notes and suggestions.

Creating a daily reading habit requires that you are realistic about your potential reading environment(s).

Your reading environment is very important. With the options these days of physical books, eReaders and audiobooks, your usual reading environment will play an important role in selecting your preferred format for reading. However, if you are starting small as suggested in Building a Reading Habit #2, you might be able to get away with a less-than-ideal book nook to cozy up in.

So let’s talk Environment and Format. If you plan to read in an environment with plenty of light, a standard print book may be fine. However, if you plan to read in low-light conditions (maybe with the lights turned down low to help your house calm down in the evening), an eReader might be best.

Your reading environment might not be at home! You might enjoy sitting in your car, or an out-of-the-way place at work during your lunch hour. You might find your time and environment while taking the train or the bus. For some, these might be the most attainable situations and might add something you look forward to during your work day. Sneaking in five or 10 pages at the end of your lunch might be nice.

When you have smaller daily reading goals you will see new environments and times to read.

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