Udemy: Latest in Arts & Creativity
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Udemy: Latest in Arts & Creativity

Have you used Udemy? You get access to this online learning platform with your Plano Public Library card!

PPL has dozens of online learning databases you can use with your library card, and Udemy is one of them. Use this link to go directly to the login page for Udemy.

When you click that link to open Udemy, you can sign in with your chosen credentials. If this is your first visit, click the sign-up link to get started!

Arts & Creativity is one of a few categories of online learning through Udemy. You can use this platform to build you personal and professional skills in business, marketing, technology and more. Arts & Creativity falls under Personal Development and has more than 300 courses. Here are some of the newest added to the collection:

How to Write AND Publish a Book in 30 DaysCourse

Created by James Altucher

Four hours on-demand video with 27 downloadable resources

In this course you will learn: 

  • Why you can you write a book in 30 days
  • The art of good storytelling
  • How to come up with great book ideas that can be completed quickly
  • How to write with an authentic voice by asking three key questions about yourself
  • How to analyze a book’s readability quotient
  • The keys to writing good first lines and cliffhangers, whether it is for a fiction book or a non-fiction book, or even a tweet
  • Best practices for marketing your book
  • How to avoid writer’s block
  • My best tips and tricks for writing effectively
  • How to make writing go viral
  • How to find an editor, a cover designer, an interior designer, an audiobook producer
  • Step by step on how to publish your paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook

Oil Painting for BeginnersCourse

Created by Luis Borrero

11.5 hours on-demand video with three downloadable resources

This oil painting course is an ideal starting point for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of oil painting. The course will cover various classical techniques and concepts essential for aspiring artists, including Grisaille painting, Chiaroscuro and Flemish.

The Ultimate Origami Course – Beginner to AdvancedCourse

Created by Kevin Hutson

13 hours on-demand video

Whether you consider yourself an artistic person or not, this hobby is for you. Origami is a hands-on art form that offers unlimited possibilities for creativity. You’ll learn every basic folding technique then be guided through the creation of 100 unique origamis. Each video section get progressively more difficult so you can hone your skill, accomplish new challenges, and have fun along the way.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to ChessCourse

Created by Tryfon Gavriel

40.5 hours on-demand video

Starting from the very basics of chess, this course aims to build a solid foundation for your chess understanding. The course is divided into three main sections – Chess Openings, Middlegame, and Endgame. Each section is further divided into Introduction, Beginner, and Intermediate levels. This structure helps to ensure that each stage of your chess understanding is built on robust principles.

Street Photography MasterclassCourse

Created by Adam Tan

Two hours on-demand video with one downloadable resource

Street photography is about making photographs in public places. This course will teach you the foundations of photography, such as understanding the clue, or so-called the formula of what constitutes a good photograph, and how to develop our seeing eye in photography. You will learn which gears to use, how to do the camera setting correctly in different situations, how to find the right elements and integrate them in the chosen frame of the camera.

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