Building a Reading Habit #1: Read What You Like!
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Building a Reading Habit #1: Read What You Like!

Do you wish you read more?

Reading takes time, which is a scarce commodity for most adults, but there are strategies and practices you can adopt to create a reading habit!

In this series of posts we’ll explore ways the average adult can read more by creating a daily reading habit or practice, while acknowledging the challenges and distractions that are part of our lives.

Let’s start with something that seems way too obvious — read what you like! If you’re going to spend time doing something every day you need to enjoy it. So put aside all the ideas about reading the things you “should” read and read what you really enjoy!

If you enjoy or are interested in what you’re reading it will be much easier to find the time and energy to actually do the reading. Do you enjoy mysteries? Are you fascinated by astronomy? Love a good romance or western? Or maybe you really do want to read the classics! Graphic novels? Poetry? If you read what you like, creating a daily habit will come more easily!

We’ll talk about reading formats (eBooks, print books, audiobooks), when to read, where to read, how to stay motivated (as well as looking at how much motivation really matters), and related topics in future posts. We’ll probably even think about why someone might want to read. But our starting advice is read what you like or what interests you!

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