Teen Street Team Recommends: Tutor.com
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Teen Street Team Recommends: Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a premiere database available for Plano Public Library cardholders.

Tutor.com Quick Facts:

  • Ages: Kindergarten through adults
  • Requires: Plano Public Library card and internet access
  • Compatibility: Any internet-enabled device

Tutor.com is a database that offers live online tutoring, as well as a variety of practice tests and skills resources. Teen Street Team member Ashley has recently been using Tutor.com to help answer tough math and science questions and to boost standardized test-taking skills. Read about the experience below:

Hello! My name is Ashley, and I’m a member of the Teen Street Team for Plano Public Library.

After the fiasco with online school due to the pandemic, I had a little trouble getting back into the groove of in-person learning, especially after transitioning into being a junior. I was particularly struggling in math and physics, but Tutor.com quickly helped me overcome many of my obstacles. In fact, Tutor.com has honestly been a blessing in regards to helping me keep up with my education.

As a Princeton Review service, Tutor.com offers teens the ability to connect personally with experienced tutors, submit written papers and tough questions, take practice tests, and more! I was able to submit some tough calculus homework questions over Riemann sums and got both answers and step-by-step explanations from experts after a few hours. I also took multiple physics practice tests over Newton’s Laws, work and energy, and light. Moreover, since many students such as myself are studying hard for the PSAT, SAT and ACT, Tutor.com’s most helpful resource may lie in this respect. You can start a journey towards improving your standardized testing scores through the SAT/ACT Essentials program, complete with full-length, timed practice tests, score reports, and a detailed roadmap. Before I took the PSAT in October, I used Tutor.com’s SAT practice sets, which helped me raise my score by 50 points!

Overall, Tutor.com is a super helpful resource provided by Plano Public Library. It is totally free; all you have to have is a library card and internet access. You can use it for all sorts of educational pursuits, from getting your own, personal tutor for any subject to testing yourself on different topics to SAT/ACT prep. The next time you’re stumped with a particularly difficult homework or test question, use Tutor.com to your advantage and further your education!

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