Teen Street Team Recommends: Tutor.com
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Teen Street Team Recommends: Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a premiere database available for Plano Public Library cardholders.

Tutor.com Quick Facts:

  • Ages: Kindergarten through adults
  • Requires: Plano Public Library card and internet access
  • Compatibility: Any internet-enabled device

Tutor.com is a database that offers live online tutoring, as well as a variety of practice tests and skills resources. You can learn more about accessing this site on our Getting started with Tutor.com blog post.

Teen Street Team member Brianna has recently been using Tutor.com in lieu of an in-person tutor to boost her standardized test taking skills. Read about the experience below:

Hi, my name is Brianna and I am a member of the Teen Street Team! 

As a junior in high school, my high school career culminates with SAT scores, a critical GPA, and college applications around this time of the year. While I still haven’t taken the SAT yet, I am studying every chance I have to perfect my standardized test taking knowledge. With that, comes the wonderful resource of Tutor.com

Due to social distancing guidelines and restrictions, I have not been able to meet with any tutors face to face. This has been especially detrimental as I’m studying for my upcoming SAT. However, when I logged onto Tutor.com the past few weeks, it has really helped with my SAT prep! I can have easy and direct access to a well-qualified tutor who can give me specific information and guidance about a concept I’m struggling with. I specifically had a problem with circle arcs and angles (shoutout to the juniors who are also struggling with this!) and it was answered quickly through a direct chat with a really nice and informative tutor. 

Not only does Tutor.com help with SAT prep, but all sorts of topics! Ranging from reading and essay writing to calculus! It is such a helpful resource and I am very grateful that I was able to learn about it through this experience.

With your Plano Public Library card, you have access to a full suite of virtual resources. Get live, online tutoring daily between 2 p.m. and 11 p.m., or access a variety of useful learning resources at any time. It’s all free! In addition to tutoring, Tutor.com offers writing review, career help and practice tests in many subjects.

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