Just In: New Money STEAM Kits
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Just In: New Money STEAM Kits

STEAM Kits include learning components for science, technology, engineering, arts and math to support STEAM-based learning. STEAM Kits offer our community a way to learn about a new subject through hands-on activities, books and DVDs. We are constantly evaluating our kits and adding to the collection – we have 90 kits! We have kits available for preschool through adults. Each kit checks out for three weeks.

Search “STEAM Kit” in the library catalog to see the entire collection and place holds.

Two of the newest kits we have added to the collection focus on money and financial literacy. We have one for preschoolers and another for kids in elementary school.

Preschool Money

In this kit, kids ages 3-6 will begin exploring the basics of money and how it works. The kit includes a calculator cash register; a wooden play food set; an electronic piggy bank (it counts the coins!); a pop-board to count to 10; play cash, coins and credit card for the register; and two books: Spend It! and Save It!

Elementary Counting Coins

In this kit, kids ages 8 and up will learn the value of coins and practice counting them through games and books. This kit includes counting money puzzles; Money Bags board game; Kyle Keeps Track of Cash book; Lemonade in Winter book with parent reading guide; and Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills book.

All five library locations have STEAM Kits. Placing a hold gets the kit to the location you most often frequent, but feel free to take a trip across town to find others available on the shelf!

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