Financial Literacy: April Programs
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Financial Literacy: April Programs

Through all of life’s stages, one thing is clear: preparation is key to success. This is especially true when dealing with finances. Plano Public Library’s financial literacy programs provide free, practical advice on how to manage money and resources to navigate your finances successfully. Join us at these upcoming programs for children, teens and adults.

All Ages

STEAM Emporium (ticketed)
Haggard Library
Friday, April 7th at 3 PM

Can you solve a problem with $5.00? Use play money to purchase materials at our STEAM Emporium to complete a STEAM challenge and learn decision-making skills.

Art of Money (ticketed)
Davis Library
Saturday, April 8th at 3 PM

Get ready for money-making mania as we explore what money looks like around the world and then create your own currency designs.

A Plan for My Money (ticketed)
Schimelpfenig Library
Sunday, April 16th at 2 PM

Wonder how money works? Learn how through activities about earning, spending and saving your money.

Grades K-5

Party Planning (ticketed)
Haggard Library
Saturday, April 22nd at 3 PM

Set your budget and learn to plan the best party for you and your friends. You will make decisions about elements like cake and entertainment.

Grades 6-12

Light It Up (ticketed)
Davis Library
Saturday, April 29th at 3 PM

Make your own lightsaber, glow-in-the-dark emoji pillow or creation of your choosing while gaining hands-on experience managing money. Take your project home or give it as a gift.


Shame Free, Debt Free
Parr Library
Sunday, April 2nd at 2 PM

There is no shame in having debt, no matter how much you may have. Take back your power and learn a few methods to becoming debt free.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
Parr Library
Tuesday, April 11th at 7 PM

A higher credit score can make it easier for you to get a loan or borrow at more favorable rates. Can you improve your credit score? Yes you can, and we will cover how. Presented by Bank of America.

Retirement Basics (online registration)
Friday, April 14th at 12 PM

It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Learn about retirement basics and start developing your retirement road map.

The Questions Behind Making Good Investments
Davis Library
Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 PM

Learn to ask the right questions when checking out an investment professional, researching an investment, or learning about new products or scams. Find professionals, products and platforms to suit your investment priorities. Presented by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

SNAP Budgeting Workshop
Parr Library
Sunday, April 30th at 2 PM

Learn the importance of creating and maintaining a budget. Learn how to prioritize and track spending. If you have any questions or accommodation requests, please email in advance. Recommended for ages 16+

Supporting Neurodivergent Access to Programming (SNAP)
SNAP programs are sensory-friendly and targeted toward the needs of neurodivergent children, teens, adults and their families/caregivers. “Neurodivergent” includes autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, Tourette’s and other developmental and learning disabilities.

For ticketed programs, tickets will be available 30 minutes prior to the start of the program.

Learn more about financial literacy resources available from Plano Public Library:
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