Recent Virtual Program Recordings
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Recent Virtual Program Recordings

Miss one of our virtual workshops? Check out the recordings on the Plano Public Library YouTube channel! Here’s what happened lately:

Premiere Pro: Color Correction

Premiere Pro is an Adobe Creative Cloud tool to edit video. You can see other Adobe Creative Cloud classes here.

Genealogy: Family Search

Learn basic site navigation to discover available resources and tools to search for your family.

Exploring City of Plano Jobs: Public Safety Communications

Unreal Engine: Basics

Learn the basics of the software and its potential uses for animation, video game development, lighting and more!

Job Searching with Google

Overwhelmed by your job search? Learn how to use tools from the free Google Workspace to organize documents, create resumes and track your job search. Sign up for a free Google account to follow along with the class.

Love & Money with Bank of America

Combining finances can help people in many relationships spend, save and manage money more efficiently.

Exploring City of Plano Jobs: Environmental Health & Sustainability

Gale Entrepreneurship

Use the Gale database for research assistance in starting or growing your business. Sort information needs for business planning, starting, funding or management.

You can find our full roster of virtual programs on our online calendar, and if you subscribe to the library’s YouTube channel you will receive notifications when new uploads are available!

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