Plano Library Speaks: YouTube
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Plano Library Speaks: YouTube

Did you know Plano Public Library has a YouTube channel? We’ve had it since 2014, and with 1,200 videos + almost 400 live-stream workshops, there’s plenty to watch.

For this episode of the Plano Library Speaks podcast, hosts Bob and Rachel chat about the library’s YouTube channel. You’ll learn about how it started and what videos are on there.

How to get to our channel

Click this link or go to YouTube (in the app or on your browser) and search “plano public library”. You should see this landing page when you find the Plano Public Library account:

Finding videos on the library’s YouTube channel

Browse All Videos

Click on “Videos” in the top ribbon of links to see all videos uploaded to the library’s YouTube channel. These are in chronological order from the most recently updated.

Search for a specific topic/video

Click the arrow in the ribbon of links until you see a magnifying glass icon. Click on the icon and a search bar will appear. Type in your search word/term and YouTube will bring up videos from the library’s channel which meet your search.

Playlists to explore

Here are a few popular and interesting playlists you might be interested in:

Using the Plano Public Library App: Explore features of the Plano Library mobile app, including Porch Pick-Up and Mobile Check Out

Early Literacy Tips: Learn how to incorporate reading, singing, playing, talking and writing into your child’s daily routines at home, on the go and at the library

Library Make: Learn how to make fun, librarian-approved literacy crafts

On Exhibit: Explore artwork from local artists on display at the library

Library 101: Learn about the various services, collections and how to make the most use of your library card

Harrington Renovation Drone: Watch the exterior of the library change throughout the Bond Project

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