Teen Street Team Recommends: LearningExpress Library
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Teen Street Team Recommends: LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library is a skill-building and test preparation resource available from Plano Public Library. You have access to comprehensive educational resources, including 1,000 interactive tutorials, practice exams for school and career, articles and eBooks. Resources range from basic skills mastery to academic success to job preparation and career advancement.

LearningExpress Library Quick Facts:

  • Online practice tests for SAT, ACT, TOEFL and other occupational/subject test
  • Includes college prep, software tutorials and career guidance
  • Requires a library card and Internet access

Teen Street Team member Huda has recently been using LearningExpress Library and offers this recommendation.

Plano Public Library offers a multitude of resources from technology-based to arts and crafts, and even college preparatory resources. However, one of my favorite and most helpful is the LearningExpress Library Hub. I originally had no idea that this was offered for free with the Plano Public Library but ended up using it regularly after I discovered it.

The LearningExpress Library Hub consists of a variety of resources for kindergarten students all the way up to adults and teachers. A few examples of some of the resources are college admissions test prep, career prep, grades 4-8 educator resources, and adult core skills. The site provides a variety of interactive practices and activities that build academic development in all aspects of a student and adult’s life.

My first time using this service was to prepare for my upcoming SAT. LearningExpress has official SAT, ACT and AP exam practice tests and preparation tutorials which helped me a lot in preparing for my SAT. I took a few prep tutorials and practice tests and ever since then, I’ve been utilizing LearningExpress for that and more.

This service helped me a lot in gaining access to free and official resources under a short time constraint. I was able to gain a lot of benefit from using these resources only about 3-4 weeks before my SAT. All in all, the most appealing and helpful thing about LearningExpress is that it is entirely free through the Plano Public Library and has something for everyone!

Want to get started? Check out our Getting Started Guide for LearningExpress Library.

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