Plano Learns: Personal Finance
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Plano Learns: Personal Finance

We at the library want to steer you to the best websites for your money research, but we also know there can be lots of questionable information out there. That’s why we are pleased when a respected publication gives us help that we can turn around and share with you. 

A recent article in Library Journal highlighted some of the most authoritative websites for learning about personal finances.  Here is a partial list:

  • *360 Degrees of Financial Literacy – a volunteer effort of Certified Public Accountants
  • America Saves – coordinated by the Consumer Federation of America, the focus is on budgeting and saving
  • *Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (cfpb) – contains an FAQ of answers to personal finance topics
  • FINRA – a government-authorized nonprofit geared toward protecting investors
  • Investopedia – handy with a financial dictionary and simulations
  • *Money Smart – managed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the folks protecting your money in banks
  • *MyMoney – a more basic introduction to money topics by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission
  • Nerd Wallet – side-by-side comparisons of services and good financial calculators

*Estos sitios tienen información en Español también – content available in Spanish

In many of the library’s Financial Literacy classes, we have used content from cfpb, FINRA and Money Smart.

The “Money As You Grow” resources are perfect for parents, caregivers and educators to embark on money topics with kids. This includes a “Money As You Grow Bookshelf” which ties specific books to money concepts, like The Berenstain Bears & Mama’s New Job by Stan and Jan Berenstain, which connects to topics such as setting goals and staying true to yourself.

Source: Rodzvilla, John. 2021. “Smart Money.” Library Journal 146 (9): 36–38.

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