Spotlight Art: Celebrate Moments by Embroidering Badges
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Spotlight Art: Celebrate Moments by Embroidering Badges

Our latest Spotlight Art workshop shows you how to create a badge to commemorate special occasions.

The Spotlight Art program with Plano Public Library, previously 18st AIRSpace Artist-in-Residence program, has gone virtual! Typically, this is through an art exhibit, demonstration and in-person workshop.

Local artist Christine Miller started weaving in 1973, and got into weaving metal in the 80s. Fiber art is her passion, which you can see in our latest Spotlight Art workshop recording below. You can learn more about this artist, and see various works of art, on Miller’s website.

Miller came to us from her studio, which you get a tour of, and you can see how she weaves with metal. During this workshop, Miller shows you how to make badges from felt using embroidery techniques, as well as no-sew steps. Download her shape templates and additional instructions here.

Continued Learning

Are you interested on hand stitching skills? Check out these resources below, available with your Plano Public Library card.

Embroidery STEAM Kit

You can check out this STEAM Kit from the library, for free! This kit comes with basic supplies and books to help you learn the art and skill of hand stitching: hoop, needles, thread and washable marker.

Place a request for this kit here.

Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center

Comprehensive database providing detailed “how-to” instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of hobby enthusiasts. Explore the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center with our Getting Started blog post.

Requires a Plano Public Library card

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