Spotlight Art: Gouache and Mixed-Media Painting
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Spotlight Art: Gouache and Mixed-Media Painting

We worked with Spotlight Artist Courtney Hitt to film her mixed-media painting project in lieu of an in-person workshop.

Local artist and art advocate Courtney Hitt was scheduled to demonstrate and lead a workshop this summer at Plano Public Library. As libraries are closed, and programs have moved into a virtual platform, we worked with Hitt to record her mixed-media project, sharing her expertise and style.

Hitt is speaking throughout the entire video, so either listen with the audio on or follow along with closed captions.

Supplies Used

Here is a list of some of the supplies Hitt used during this class. You can generally find these items at art and craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Blick Art, Asel Art Supply and Amazon.

Gouache Paint Michael’s | Blick Art | Amazon
Acrylic Paint Michael’s | Blick Art | Amazon
White Gesso Primer Michael’s | Blick Art | Amazon
Paint brushes Michael’s | Blick Art | Amazon

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The Artist’s Handbook: Acrylics & Gouache

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Interested in learning more about color theory? Check out our Plano Learns: Color Theory virtual program blog post, with a step-by-step activity to learn more about color theory and mixing colors.

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