Virtual Field Trip: Pergamon Museum
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Virtual Field Trip: Pergamon Museum

Ready to travel? To virtually explore the world? Join us on a virtual field trip to the Pergamon Museum!

The Pergamon Museum is in Berlin, Germany. The Pergamon Museum was built in the first half of the 20th century, when Germany was extending its reach throughout the world. German excavators brought back artifacts from ancient Babylon and Egypt and needed a place to share these finds.

See our video tutorial on using Google to explore the Pergamon Museum. Below is the process step-by-step, along with additional activities and library resources.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Google Pergamon Museum. Click on the map view.

Zoom in close to the museum and pick up the street view tool and select a location to drop.

Explore by clicking on the arrows and x’s to virtually explore the Pergamon Museum. When there is a blue dot, click that to find more information. Use the back arrow at top left to go back to the map and drop the street view tool again in another part of the museum.

Guided Activities

The website for the Pergamon Museum has many interesting tools and experiences, including viewing a 3D scan of the Pergamon Altar here.  Now, it is your turn to create a 3D model using the free 3D design software, Tinkercad. Design something you have seen at the museum or whatever you would like!

Using the library database Credo, research the Ishtar Gate to learn about the history of this gate. The gate includes images from animals, both real and imagined. What animals would you combine to create a new animal? Now, try drawing your new animal.

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