Spotlight Art: Print Making & Journaling
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Spotlight Art: Print Making & Journaling

We worked with Spotlight Artist Sheila Cunningham to film her carving and journaling in lieu of an in-person workshop.

The first time we worked with local artist Sheila Cunningham was in 2016 for our previously named 18st AIRSpace artist-in-residency (now Spotlight Art) program. Cunningham hosted workshops about different book and journal binding techniques.

In our latest virtual program, Cunningham demonstrates how to carve images into various materials to make stamps as part of the printing process, and how to make a side-bound journal with visual journaling exercises.

Cunningham is speaking throughout the entire video, so either listen with the audio on or follow along with closed captions.

Supplies Used

Here is a list of some of the supplies Cunningham used during this class. You can generally find these items at art and craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Blick Art, Asel Art Supply and Amazon. Search for terms like “block printing”, “printmaking” and “stamping.”

Rubber Carving Block Amazon | Hobby Lobby | Michael’s
Lino Cutter Amazon | Hobby Lobby | Michael’s
Stamp ink pads Amazon | Hobby Lobby | Michael’s
Foam take out containers, or foam sheets Amazon | Hobby Lobby | Michael’s
Brayer and roller Amazon| Hobby Lobby | Michael’s

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Check out a Stamping STEAM Kit

This kit is available for check out using your Plano Public Library card. It comes with all the tools you need to learn the basics of carving and stamping, and you keep the stamp you make!

Place a hold here; when available, you have the kit for up to three weeks

See this kit in action on our YouTube page

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