Virtual Field Trip: Grand Canal
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Virtual Field Trip: Grand Canal

Ready to travel? To virtually explore the world? Join us on a virtual field trip to the Grand Canal!

The Grand Canal is the main waterway through Venice, Italy. Venice is a city which is made up of over 100 islands. There are no cars – just boats and gondolas.

See our video tutorial on using Google to explore the Grand Canal. Below is the process step-by-step, additional activities and library resources.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Google “Grand Canal Venice.” Click on the Map view.

2. Zoom in close to the Canal and pick up the street view tool and select a location to drop.

3. Explore by clicking on the arrows and x’s to virtually explore. When there is a blue dot, click that to find more information on an object. Use the back arrow at top left to go back to the map and drop street view tool again in another part of the Canal.

Guided Activities

1. Venice is one of the coolest cities. Learn more about the city using the World Geography and Culture Online database.

2. Venice has many notable landmarks including the Rialto Bridge. What is special about this bridge? Another notable bridge is the Bridge of Sighs. Why did the bridge get that name? Research to learn more about these two bridges and try to find out the total number of bridges throughout Venice.

3. Interested in learning a few Italian phrases? Use Pronunciator to learn how to say “hello” and “goodbye.”

Continue Learning

Your library has a plethora of books and databases for you to use to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh. You will need a Plano Public Library card to use these resources:

The Mystery in Venice by Geronimo Stilton

The River of No Return by J&P Voelkel

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

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