22 May, 2024

Cook the Book: Showstopper Desserts: Cheesecake

‘Tis the season for sweets, and cheesecake takes the spotlight at this month’s Cook the Book meeting. From classic plain cheesecake to fruity favorites and seasonal showstoppers, there’s a cheesecake for every occasion and taste. Make your own and come prepared to talk all things cheesecake!

2 mins read

Chef Starter Kit

Get creative in the kitchen with materials, resources and programming from Plano Public Library. Plano Public Library offers everything you need to learn a new skill, develop a new hobby, and pursue a new career. This month’s Starter Kit will offer you the chef special on heating up your cooking skills. Whether you are a beginner […]

6 mins read

Cook the Book: Exploring Vegetarian & Vegan Eats

Join Plano Public Library and other foodies for this month’s Cook the Book, where we share our love and recipes for our favorite vegetarian & vegan eats! Cook the Book is a monthly foodie meeting of the stomachs with Plano Public Library. Each month has a theme, and for June we’re celebrating vegetarian & vegan […]

2 mins read