Teen Street Team Recommends: Learning Express Library
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Teen Street Team Recommends: Learning Express Library

Online practice tests for civil service, firefighter, emergency medical services, law enforcement, GED, FRE, TAKS, ASVAB, real estate, SAT, TOEFL, TASP, plus other occupations/subjects, college prep, software tutorials, and more excellent learning tools are all available through Learning Express Library – thanks to your Plano Public Library card!

Learning Express Library Quick Facts

  • Ages: Teens and adults
  • Requires: Plano Public Library card and internet access
  • Compatibility: Any Internet browser

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Calling all students! The Plano Public Library’s free resource Learning Express is about to be your new best friend! Learning Express is a free online library resource available to all Plano Public Library members. Learning Express helps teens and adults prepare for college and career readiness with many practice tests and learning resources. Patrons can easily access Learning Express through their website using only their Plano Public Library card. 

Learning Express’s wide collection of test preparation resources makes it an amazing resource to prepare for tests such as the SAT, ACT and GED. Learning Express provides a variety of resources that are perfect for all types of learners. Since Learning Express provides books, videos, practice tests and more, it creates a better learning experience for students. 

Learning Express is my favorite test prep tool because it makes it easier for me to review large amounts of content.

As a high school student, studying for AP tests, the SAT, and the ACT can often be overwhelming due to the large amount of information we have to memorize. However, Learning Express provides a variety of resources and videos that make it easier to study and retain all of the knowledge I need to perform well on tests.  

I have personally used Learning Express for school to prepare for my AP tests at the end of the year and to practice for the SAT.  For example:

  • Last year for my AP biology AP test I used the study guide and practice test resources to help me prepare for the test and get a good score.
  • I am currently using Learning Express to prepare for the SAT. Since the SAT is switching to a digital format this year, the new question types and changes are very confusing for many students. Learning Express has helped me become more comfortable with the new SAT through its micro-lessons about the changes in the SAT. It has also helped me to practice with the digital SAT to become more familiar and secure with the format. 

Learning Express is the perfect tool for busy high school students because of its amazing test and career preparation resources.  I would recommend Learning Express for anyone who needs to prepare for a standardized test and is confused about where to start. Learning Express is an amazing and convenient learning tool that is easy to use. 

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