#PPLArtPrompt: Naïve Art by Maria Prymachenko
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#PPLArtPrompt: Naïve Art by Maria Prymachenko

We’re getting really artsy this spring with an April Art initiative. Throughout April, we are hosting art workshops where you can contribute to the Library Blooms community art exhibit – see our event list at the bottom of this post. Sow your art creations and see the installation at Haggard Library May 3-4, 2024.

To get you into the creative mood, we’re going to post art prompts here on Plano Library Learns. Continue reading to learn about artist Maria Prymachenko and the naive art style. If you create art using this prompt, be sure to tag us on social media (@planolibrary) and use the #PPLArtPrompt hashtag!

Who was Maria Prymachenko? (Марія Примаченко)

  • Maria Prymachenko was a folk art painter
  • Born in 1909 in Bolotnya, Ukraine
  • She studied local art styles like Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian embroidery) and Pysanky (egg decorating), which was an influence with her own work

“In 1966, Prymachenko was awarded the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, one of Ukraine’s highest honours. Despite her renown and popularity, Prymachenko never sold her paintings for money, preferring to give them away as gifts to her friends and neighbours. The geometric patterns, vivid colours, and graphic motifs that she learned through her study of folk art informed her naïve style and made her works celebrated and highly sought after.” – Oseredok

Photo from WikiArt

What is Naive art?

Naïve art style is characterized by a childlike simplicity, and usually refers to art made by artists with no formal training in an art school.

Art Prompt

Supplies needed: paper and something to draw with (pencils, markers, etc.)

  • Give one member of your family the paper and have them draw part of a creature. ​
  • Once they finish, they will pass it to another family member, who will add something new to the creature. ​
  • Keep passing the paper from family member to family member until the creation is complete.  ​
  • Add flowers around your creature ​
  • Color in the blank spaces! ​

Continue Exploring Art

STEAM Kits: we have a collection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) kits with hands-on activities, books and DVDs to explore a topic. For art, these include:

  • Preschool – Drawing
  • Elementary – Drawing
  • Elementary – Nature Drawing
  • Adult – Stamping
  • Adult – Mobile Photography
  • Adult – Watercolor Pencil

Attend a program: we have art programs for all ages! See the Engage brochure or online calendar for details. Here are some events coming up (as of March/April 2024):

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