Something About Libby: Audiobook Speed
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Something About Libby: Audiobook Speed

Have you tried audiobooks? Not sure they’re your ~speed~? We have a tip for you!

When you’re using the Libby app, which is available for you with your Plano Public Library card, you have access to thousands of audiobooks. Browse the collection, borrow and you’re reading in minutes!

When you listen to an audiobook on the Libby app, you can fine-tune your playback to a custom speed between 0.6 – 3x? Each narrator has a different speed naturally, and you can slow it down or speed it up to meet your preferred listening style. Watch our video below to see the change in speed in action.

When you’re in the Libby app with your audiobook open, click on the dial icon at the top toolbar (next to the Back button).

Choose from preset speeds or use the scale on the right side to fine-tune.

Press play while you make this change so you can listen to the difference in speed!

Looking for an audiobook recommendation? Check out our themed lists here on the blog! You can also look through the topical carousels and “Just Added” on Libby.

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