Something About Libby: Cookbooks
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Something About Libby: Cookbooks

While flipping through a printed cookbook is enjoyable, sometimes you need quick access with an ebook! With your Plano Public Library card you can access thousands of ebooks, audiobooks and magazines on the Libby app. Keep reading for a breakdown of the cookbooks we have recently added to the collection.

Win Son Presents a Taiwanese American Cookbook

Josh Ku, Trigg Brown & Cathy Erway

My Vermont Table

Gesine Bullock-Prado

The Chutney Life

Palak Patel

Tiny Bakes

Jennifer Ziemons

Tips for Reading eBook Cookbooks

Best way to view: on a desktop or tablet. Unlike typical fiction or non-fiction titles, cookbooks have photos, which are best viewed as large as possible. If you use your desktop or tablet in landscape, you can view two pages at once.

Best setting choices: change the text size, lighting and font in the setting to best suit your reading preference. In the photos below, we chose dark lighting (which changes the text to white for high contrast), a slightly smaller text size and the Scholar design.

Best notation option: bookmark the pages. When you first look through the cookbook, place bookmarks on pages/recipes you want to come back to. You can see all of your bookmarks in the Bookmarks & Highlights setting.

Looking for more tips on using the Libby app? Check out the tag Something About Libby for our blog posts.

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