Bring Birds to Your Yard
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Bring Birds to Your Yard

Are you interested in making your yard more bird-friendly?

First: Join us with Sustainability and Environmental Education Division (SEED) online on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 11am for “Don’t Wing It, Plan It! Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly.” This virtual workshop will help you learn how to create a bird-friendly landscape at home with City of Plano experts. Register here.

SEED staff teach classes throughout the year through their own calendar of events, as well as with the library! Here are a few more coming up:

WaterWise Gardening Learn what it takes to create a water-conserving garden
Wednesday, September 28 at 11am

Are You a Waste Ace? Gain essential knowledge about recycling
Thursday, October 13 at 11am

Gardening for Wildlife: Beautify, then Certify Your Yard Learn about components required to certify your yard as a National Wildlife Federation habitat and how to register
Tuesday, November 15 at 11am

Library Resources

In addition to the upcoming “Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly” workshop, Plano Public Library has a variety of resources to help you achieve your garden goals. Below are some general books on birds and birding, as well as guides for getting your yard/landscape bird- and pollinator-ready.


Unusual life cycles of birds by Jaycox, Jaclyn Print
Have you ever heard of a bird that lays its eggs on the ground instead of in a nest? What about a bird that lays eggs in other birds’ nests? Young readers will learn all about killdeers, cuckoo birds, and other birds with unusual life cycles

Birds: explore their extraordinary world by Krestovnikoff, Miranda Print
Discover which bird is the fastest, the smallest, the smartest, the most colorful and more in this nonfiction compendium, complete with descriptions from wildlife expert Miranda Krestovnikoff and stunning linocuts from artist Angela Harding

Raptors of Texas: a natural history of diurnal birds of prey by Farquhar, Charles Craig Print
Avian ecology and raptor experts C. Craig Farquhar and Clint W. Boal present the first comprehensive volume on these birds of prey in Texas. Given the state’s size, location, and biodiversity, it is not surprising that Texas leads other states in the documented number of raptor species

Birds of North America: the complete guide to birding- with full-color photographs, updated range maps, and authoritative notes on voice behavior, habitat, nesting, and conservation status by National Audubon Society Print
Whether trying to determine which owl is interrupting your dinner, or tracking down all of the wood warblers that arrive in spring, readers will come to rely on this work of remarkable breadth, depth, and elegance. It is a must-have reference for the library of any birder, and is certain to become the number-one guide in the field

Birds of Texas field guide by Tekiela, Stan Print
Learn to identify birds in Texas, and make bird-watching even more enjoyable. With Stan Tekiela’s famous field guide, bird identification is simple and informative. There’s no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don’t live in your area. This book features 176 species of Texas birds organized by color for ease of use

The kid’s guide to birds of Texas: fun facts, activities and 90 cool birds by Tekiela, Stan Print
With fun activities for the whole family, like building a birdhouse and preparing your own bird food, this is a must-have beginner’s guide to bird watching in the Lone Star State

Stan Tekiela’s birding for beginners: South: your guide to feeders, food and the most common backyard birds by Tekiela, Stan Print
Birding is among the most popular outdoor activities–especially in the South, where hundreds of different bird species can be seen and observed. Now is the perfect time to join the fun and let our feathered friends astonish and inspire you

Birds and Gardens

Native plant gardening for birds, bees & butterflies: Southwest by Miller, George Oxford Print
Learn how to landscape and create pollinator gardens with widely available perennials that are easy to care for and provide great benefits for wildlife

Audubon birdhouse book: building, placing, and maintaining great homes for great birds by Barker, Margaret A. Print
Birders know you need the right house to attract the right bird. An entrance hole that’s 1/8 inch too big or too small spell trouble, as does a roof that leaks or a floor that doesn’t drain. Learn to build safe, species-appropriate houses for your favorite birds

The hummingbird handbook: everything you need to know about these fascinating birds by Shewey, John Print
The Hummingbird Handbook is a must-have guide to attracting, understanding, and protecting hummingbirds. From advice on feeders to planting and landscaping techniques that will have your garden whirring with tiny wings, lifelong birder John Shewey provides all you need to know to entice these delightful creatures

How to create a wildlife garden: encouraging birds, bees, butterflies and bugs into your outside space by Lavelle, Christine Print
A guide to the best plants to grow where, garden plans to suit your location, and natural gardening techniques for wildlife-friendly habitats. Lavelle shows how gardeners and wildlife can share the same space without conflict– and to mutual benefit

Garden allies: the insects, birds, & other animals that keep your garden beautiful and thriving by Lavoipierre, Frédérique Print
Frédérique Lavoipierre shares fascinating portraits of these creatures, describing their life cycles and showing how they keep the garden’s ecology in balance. Also included is helpful information on how to nurture and welcome these valuable creatures into your garden

How to attract birds to your garden by Rouse, Dan Print
Help reverse the decline in bird numbers by creating a haven in which they will thrive. It’s a win-win. Provide the best shelter, feeding, and nesting opportunities for them and then you can reap the rewards as they sing and entertain

Native pollinators: Hummingbirds by Baxter, Roberta Print
Hummingbirds are native to the Americas. They pollinate honeysuckle, the morning glory, blueberry flowers, and an array of other trumpet-shaped native pants

Attracting birds and butterflies: how to plant a backyard habitat to attract winged wildlife by Ellis, Barbara W. Print
Creating a garden that welcomes these creatures may seem like a confusing and complicated task, but the principles involved are relatively simple. Essentially, wildlife needs food, water, and shelter, just like we do, and this lavishly illustrated guide shows which plants attract which creatures, and how to plant and care for them

Plant partners: science-based companion planting strategies for the vegetable garden by Walliser, Jessica Print
Plant Partners delivers a research-based rationale for companion planting, offering gardeners dozens of ways they can use scientifically tested plant partnerships to benefit the garden as a whole. Includes a chapter on Pollination: Bringing More Pollinators to the Garden through the Perfect Plant/Pollinator Matches

Attracting birds, butterflies, and other backyard wildlife by Mizejewski, David Print
Shows homeowners how to fill their yards and gardens with the sights and sounds of nature by gardening with native species that attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife

Feed the birds: attract and identify 196 common North American birds by Earley, Chris Print
Includes information on building feeders and planting and cultivating bird-friendly plants. Illustrated identification guide shows range for most common birds

Not sure you can watch live, or want to see what else SEED recommends? Check out the library’s YouTube channel for previously recorded and future recordings of SEED classes.

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