Financial Literacy: Party Planning
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Financial Literacy: Party Planning

Teaching your child about financial literacy can be fun! Don’t believe us? Plan a party during Plano Public Library’s upcoming program: Party Planning.

Your birthday is coming up and you want to plan a party. Set your budget and learn to plan the best party for you and your friends. You’ll make decisions about elements like cake and entertainment.

Our Party Planning program will be happening in-person at Haggard Library, 2 pm on Tuesday, December 28. Tickets are required and will be handed out by staff 30 minutes prior to the program. This is a program made for children in grades K-5, but all ages are welcome!

For more information on budgeting for children, check out these titles:

Making a Budget Request
Explains how to make a budget and how to stick to one in order to have money for spending and saving.

Do I need it or do I want it?: Making budget choices Request
Description: An introduction to budgeting that explains how to make a budget and stick to it, how to decide if something is a need or a want, why it is important to have a budget, and how to save and spend money wisely.

If you’d like to find more movies, books and STEAM kits on money and financial literacy, visit your local Plano Public Library, or browse our catalog online. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other Thinking Money blog posts.

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