Learn about Investing
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Learn about Investing

Want to invest, but not sure where to start? Plano Public Library is bringing you #morethanbooks as we learn about investing! Continue reading to see how you can use LinkedIn Learning, Kanopy, and our book collection to boost your investment knowledge and skills.

LinkedIn Learning

Did you know? With your Plano Public Library card, you’ve got access to LinkedIn Learning. With thousands of instructional videos on a variety of topics, LinkedIn learning is an excellent tool to brush up on business and career skills, as well as basic financial literacy. Today we’re highlighting their Investment Evaluation course. This class does make use of Microsoft Excel; if you need a refresher on how to use Microsoft Excel, check out these results to find a course on the version of Excel that works for you. Excel is incredibly handy for organizing information, and a fantastic tool for making sense of your financials. It’s well worth familiarizing yourself with this program if you haven’t already.


Check out Understanding Investments, part of The Great Courses on Kanopy. The Great Courses bring your recorded lectures from professors and other experts. Great Courses, as well as certain educational videos, don’t count against your monthly viewing credits, so you can watch and rewatch them as many times as you want! Understanding Investments has 24 episodes, from understanding bonds to picking mutual funds.


Looking for another starting point? Take a look at these books on investing for beginners, available in both print and digital:

Broke millennial takes on investing: a beginner’s guide to leveling up your money by Erin Lowry eBook | Print

Investing in your 20s & 30s for dummies by Eric Tyson eBook | Print

We hope that you find these resources useful as you learn more about investing! Check out our other Thinking Money blog posts, including book lists.

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