Build a Brand
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Build a Brand

Setting up a new business or product, or need to restyle? Learn how to identify the key needs of building a brand such as developing a style guide, marketing tools and audience needs. on Wednesday, September 29 at 1 p.m. via Zoom. Utilize what you learn in this class, along with the physical and digital library resources, to succeed in your branding journey.

Looking through our resources, there are some great print and eBooks, streaming videos on Kanopy, and online tutorials through LinkedIn Learning. Here are our recommendations:


Marketing Mess to Brand Success: 30 Challenges to Transform your Organization’s Brand (and Your Own) by Scott Miller Print
The FranklinCovey senior advisor and Wall Street Journal bestselling author reveals 30 career obstacles that you may encounter in your brand marketing, and how to transform them into company-wide gains.

Marketing Made Simple: a Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business by Donald Miller Print | eBook
This checklist is a strategic and actionable guide to applying the StoryBrand framework to any brand and an essential part of any marketing professional’s tool kit. Every day, brands lose millions of dollars simply because they do not have a clear message that tells consumers who they are and what value they will add to their customers’ lives. To solve this dilemma, Donald Miller wrote Building a StoryBrand, which has become the quintessential guide for anyone looking to craft or strengthen their brand’s message.

Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love From Day One by Emily Heyward Print
In Obsessed, Heyward outlines the new principles of what it takes to build and launch a brand that has people queuing up to buy it on opening day. She takes you behind the scenes of the creation of some of today’s hottest new brands, showing you: how Casper was able to upend the mattress industry by building a beloved brand where none had existed before; how the dating app Hinge won a fanatical user base and great word-of-mouth with the promise that the app was “designed to be deleted”; why luggage startup Away, now valued at $1.4 billion, could build their brand around love of travel by launching with just one product–a hard-shell carry-on suitcase–rather than a whole range of luggage offerings.

Billion Dollar Brand Club: How Dollar Shave Club, Warby Park, and Other Disruptors are Remaking What we Buy by Lawrence Ingrassia Print
You’ve seen their ads. You (or someone you know) use their products. Each may appear, in isolation, as a rare David with the bravado to confront a Goliath, but taken together they represent a seismic shift in a business model that has lasted more than a century. As Lawrence Ingrassia — former business and economics editor and deputy managing editor at the New York Times — shows in this timely and eye-opening book, a growing number of digital entrepreneurs have found new and creative ways to crack the code on the bonanza of physical goods that move through our lives every day.

Unfiltered Marketing: 5 Rules to Win Back Trust, Credibility, and Customers in a Digitally Distracted World by Stephen Denny Print
This book explores a comprehensive five-step process for successfully re-humanizing the digital brand experience and gaining customer loyalty. The future is here, and the future is raw, unscripted, and real if you want to grow your market and have your customers believe in you.

Alchemy: the Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life by Rory Sutherland Print
Alchemy, the revolutionary book by Ogilvy advertising legend Rory Sutherland, whose TED talks have been viewed nearly seven million times, decodes human behavior, blending leading-edge scientific research, absurdly entertaining storytelling, deep psychological insight, and practical case studies from his storied career working on campaigns for AmEx, Microsoft, and others.

Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence by Jason Miles Print
A guide to marketing and building your business on Instagram.

The Innovation Stack: Building an Unbeatable Business One Crazy Idea at a Time by Jim McKelvey eBook
The Innovation Stack is a thrilling business narrative that’s much bigger than the story of Square. It is an irreverent first-person look inside the world of entrepreneurship, and a call to action for all of us to find the entrepreneur within ourselves and identify and fix unsolved problems—one crazy idea at a time.

This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See by Seth Godin eBook
Now, for the first time, Godin offers the core of his marketing wisdom in one compact, accessible, timeless package. This is Marketing shows you how to do work you’re proud of, whether you’re a tech startup founder, a small business owner, or part of a large corporation.


The Naked Brand: Welcome to the Advertising Revolution
A story about how corporations can help save the planet one small step at a time. It’s an introduction to a bright new future where companies tell the truth and work hard to create better products and a better planet.

Mission & Vision: Video 1 of playlist “Part 1: Strategic Planning and Branding”
Holk Master-class features animated academic models and interviews with acclaimed entrepreneurs, professors and business executives.

The Tactics of Successful Branding: Episode 56 of Critical Business Skills for Success from The Great Courses
What defines a brand? What rules should you follow when building your brand? How do brands create value for customers? With the insights and answers in this lecture, you’ll learn how to create a brand that will connect you with consumers–and defend you from the competition.

Buying into Brand Marketing: Shaping Your Perceptions
Hundreds of our daily decisions are influenced by brand marketing. Discover what a brand is and how marketing shapes its identity. Learn about brand strategy, positioning and messaging–and see them in action. Helpful tips show your students how to look beyond the brand to help make smart turns in the maze of consumer products.

The Marketing Series 3: The Power Of the Brand – Part of the Series: Essentials of Marketing Collection
All marketing starts with a product. But beyond the product is the brand. Vast sums are spent in creating and maintaining brands. But what is a brand? And why do some brands succeed and some fail?

LinkedIn Learning

Learn more about using your library card to access professional and personal development courses on LinkedIn Learning here on the blog.

Branding Foundations Learn how to define your core values, link them to your brand, and launch and communicate the brand effectively, both internally to employees and externally via social media, PR, advertising, packaging, and other channels.

Create a Brand Strategy In this course, branding expert Lindsay Pedersen explains how to create a compelling brand strategy that gets results for your organization. She demonstrates how to properly frame your strategy and covers brand positioning, discussing how to climb a benefit ladder and determine your position. Plus, she shows how to create a personality for your brand, choose the tone, and create an activation strategy.

Learning Personal Branding Learn the secrets of personal branding in this course with marketing expert Chelsea Krost. Chelsea explains how to develop your story, craft your messaging, and define your audience. Then she walks you through building your brand presence online and off, creating a calendar that will help you stay on top of social media and keep your content fresh. Plus, get tips to monetize your personal brand and land speaking engagements and guest roles.

Creating Your Personal Brand In this course, personal branding expert Lida Citroën helps you identify what your personal brand is now and align it with the brand you want for yourself in the future. In the process, she helps you target the individuals or groups who have the opportunities you seek, strategize the marketing for your brand, and identify who you need to know and where to find them.

Reminder: Learn how to identify the key needs of building a brand such as developing a style guide, marketing tools and audience needs. on Wednesday, September 29 at 1 p.m. via Zoom. Utilize what you learn in this class, along with the physical and digital library resources, to succeed in your branding journey.

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