Plano Reads: Fall Books for Young Readers
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Plano Reads: Fall Books for Young Readers

Fall is finally here! Are you ready to fall into a new favorite book? Check out this book list for some of our favorite stories for children about fall festivals, mysteries and other adventures from our junior fiction collection. 

Whether you’re looking for a book for your child to read independently or a cozy read-aloud to share together, this list has you covered. You can see the books below and place them on hold in our catalog. 

Autumn’s Secret Gift by Elise Allen 

Series: Jim Henson’s Enchanted Sisters 

In Mother Nature’s realm, sisters Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer are nature’s royalty, each responsible for each magical turn of the seasons, but Autumn has lost a special gift from Mother Nature and her sisters must help her find it. 

A Fall for Friendship by Megan Atwood 

Series: Orchard Novels 

Olive doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she does admit something weird is going on at the orchard. 

Ninjas Don’t Bake Pumpkin Pies by Debbie Dadey 

Series: Adventures of the Bailey School Kids 

Could the new baker who makes the best pumpkin pies really be a ninja in town to steal some valuable Japanese art? 

The Witches by Roald Dahl 

Available as Print | eBook | CD Book | eAudiobook | Graphic Novel 

A young boy is placed in the custody of his eccentric witch-expert grandmother before being transformed into a mouse by an evil coven that is plotting against local kids. 

The Great Pumpkin Smash by Franklin W. Dixon 

Series: The Hardy Boys Clue Books 

Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy investigate strange occurrences during Bayport Zoo’s annual Halloween party, Boo at the Zoo. 

Trip to the Pumpkin Farm by Rebecca Elliot 

Series: Owl Diaries 

Eva Wingdale and her class are excited about their trip to Poppy’s Pumpkin Farm, where every year, there is one very large, extra special, thank-you pumpkin. But on the second day of the visit the owls find that the Thank-You Pumpkin has gone missing, and the farm animals are in an uproar. Also available as an eBook

A True Home by Kallie George 

Series: Heartwood Hotel 

Mona the mouse is precisely the maid they need at the grandest hotel in Fernwood Forest, where animals come from far and wide for safety, luxury, and comfort. 

The Maple Festival by Poppy Green 

Series: Adventures of Sophie Mouse 

Sophie helps her mother bake maple treats for the annual Maple Festival in Silverlake Forest. When she notices no one at her mother’s stand, she must find a way to attract more visitors. 

The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle by Carolyn Keene 

Series: Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew 

It’s autumn in River Heights, and that means it’s time for the annual Fall Festival! Nancy, Bess, and George are excited for a whole week of games, rides, delicious treats, and the famous pumpkin-decorating contest. They are all participating for the first time this year! But the day the girls are set to compete, all the designs for the contest are stolen and the decorating supplies are destroyed. If the culprit doesn’t come forward, the contest will be cancelled, and a River Heights tradition will be ruined. It’s up to Nancy and the Clue Crew to solve this pumpkin patch mystery! 

The Pumpkin Elf Mystery by Abby Klein 

Series: Ready, Freddy! 

Because of their good behavior, Freddy and his classmates receive a special treat from the Pumpkin Elf – pumpkins to decorate for Halloween – but when Freddy’s creation disappears before the contest, he is too sad to start anew. 

Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy by Daisy Meadows 

Series: Rainbow Magic Special Edition 

Rachel and Kirsty love fall! They can’t wait to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, and take a hayride. But this fall, everything is going all wrong, because Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy’s magic is missing! Can the girls help her outsmart Jack Frost and his goblins, and make sure that fall is fun again? 

Pumpkin Spice by Jenny Meyerhoff 

Series: The Friendship Garden 

Kaya, Anna, and Reed hope their pumpkin, Herbert, will take home first prize at the Windy City Pumpkin Fest, but when Herbert suddenly disappears, the friends must catch the thief in time for the festival. 

Happy Fell by Erica S. Perl 

Series: Arnold and Louise 

Arnold wants to celebrate the start of the cozy autumn season indoors. Louise does not. How can they celebrate fell if they’re not celebrating together? 

Daisy’s Fall Festival by Marci Peschke 

Series: Growing Up Daisy 

It’s time for the Townsend Elementary Annual Fall Festival! Each class picks a theme, decorates their room, and entertains their friends and families while earning money for the school. Madison has declared room 210 will be having a bake sale, but Daisy doesn’t think that idea will make their room very popular. Can Daisy convince the class her superstar idea will be fun for everyone? 

Sleepy Hollow Sleepover by Ron Roy 

Series: A to Z Mysteries 

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are enjoying Halloween fun in Sleepy Hollow, New York, but when unplanned spooky things start happening, they investigate whether a real headless horseman might be to blame. Also available as an ebook

The Phantom Bandit by Geronimo Stilton 

Series: Geronimo Stilton 

Geronimo visits Cacklefur Castle for a vacation, but a ghostly thief on the grounds is targeting the von Cacklefur’s special pumpkins. Also available as an ebook

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