SNAP Science Explorers at Home: Build a Monster
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SNAP Science Explorers at Home: Build a Monster

Welcome to SNAP (Special Needs and Autism-Friendly Programs) Science Explorers – At Home edition! Plano Public Library brings you an at-home version of a STEAM activity that you might see at our SNAP Science Explorers program. Keep reading for an introduction to the topic and activity as well as step-by-step instructions (with pictures).  

Build a Monster

Even though monsters can sometimes be scary, the monsters we are talking about today are silly! Let’s play a drawing game that uses math to help us create some silly monsters.  

Math concepts help develop your child’s critical thinking skills, incorporate real-world skills, and introduce children to the creative process. This activity focuses on counting as the numbers guide through creatively piecing together a monster from our imagination.  

  • One blank piece of paper
  • Drawing utensil (pencil, colored pencils, pen, crayon, etc.)
  • One six-sided die – either from a game or make one yourself
  • One Build a Monster game sheet
  1. On your blank paper, draw a body – any shape! Leave out arms, legs, a head and face
  2. Roll the die
  3. Ask you child to count the dots on the die, and use the Build a Monster game sheet to figure out which body past to draw
  4. Take turns with whole family, repeating steps 2 and 3 to continue drawing body parts
  1. Did the monster turn out the way you expected it to when you began the activity?
  2. What differences did you notice in each person’s drawing of a body part?
  3. Did you decide what to draw in the moment? Or did you think about it as the game progressed?

Using numbers to guide us through the activity encourages creative and spontaneous thinking. Grab a blank sheet of paper and see what kind of monster you create next!

Explore More

Checkout books and resources about counting – and monsters – in the library catalog.

Monster Math by Anne Miranda

How Many? A Difference Kind of Counting Book by Christopher Danielson

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