17 Apr, 2024

SNAP Science Explorers at Home: Build a Monster

Welcome to SNAP (Special Needs and Autism-Friendly Programs) Science Explorers – At Home edition! Plano Public Library brings you an at-home version of a STEAM activity that you might see at our SNAP Science Explorers program. Keep reading for an introduction to the topic and activity as well as step-by-step instructions (with pictures).   Build a Monster Even though monsters can sometimes be […]

2 mins read

Play & Learn: Math-y Time

Did you know you can develop math concepts with your early learner through everyday connections? Care givers can engage in conversations and hands-on activities with their child to help introduce concepts by asking questions and making observations using simple household materials. Recognizing repeating patterns is an early math concept that helps children with problem-solving and […]

2 mins read

Have You heard? Mathematics and Poetry Audiobooks

You might not expect Math and Poetry to share a month, but they have more in common than you would expect. Mathematicians describe their work as beautiful. Their numbers, lines, and graphs create patterns that then inspires poetry. As you listen to some of our audiobooks you will notice that these mathematicians needed words and […]

2 mins read