Technology Tips for Kids: Selecting Appropriate Apps
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Technology Tips for Kids: Selecting Appropriate Apps

Technology is all around us and is a part of our daily lives. Your child will encounter technology at an early age so building a healthy relationship with technology needs to start now. Our Tech Tips for Kids series will help you set your child up for success. 

Today’s Tech Tip for Kids is: Selecting Appropriate Apps

Not every app you find is going to be a good app for your child. Here are a few things you should be mindful of when selecting the apps your child will have access to.   

Taking for granted that the apps you are looking for are age-appropriate, the first question you should ask yourself is, what does this app do for my child? Does this app help my child learn or connect learning to new experiences OR is this app primarily just for fun and enjoyment? Both of these functions are fine but it is important that you create a balance in the apps your child will be handling. 

Another good question to ask yourself when choosing an app: Does this app encourage my child by building on their interests? Does this app provide age-appropriate content that will keep them engaged and grow their interest with creative and focused play or does it just keep them occupied with passive screen-tapping? 

Lastly, ask yourself, will this app enable me to better communicate with my child? Is it something we can do together, does it provide us an opportunity to talk, play and create as a family? If the app is just something the child does on their own you may consider looking into something that will offer creative opportunities for everyone. 

Apps and technology can be a great way for your child to both learn and enjoy themselves, just make sure that you are using technology, and especially apps, to allow them access to both. Apps used just for education are great but make sure to let your child enjoy their app and technology time so it is always something they can look forward to no matter what the purpose might be. 

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