Something About Libby: Holds
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Something About Libby: Holds

Let us say you want to listen to the Greenlights audiobook, however, all digital copies are checked out. You can easily place a hold! This post is give you some tips and tricks about placing holds on Libby.

If you need a refresher on using the Libby app, check out our Getting Started with Libby blog post.

How long and where am I on the queue?

By clicking on the blue and grey box next to the name of the book, you can see an estimate of when the book will be available to you if you place a hold now. It will also tell you how many copies the library has of the book and how many people are ahead of you in the queue. Greenlights has 211 patrons waiting on it 25 copies!

How can I check on holds?

When you open Libby, you will see “Shelf” in the lower right hand corner. Click on it!

You’ll then want to click on “Holds.”  

The date rectangle next to the item’s name will tell you how many people are ahead of you on the queue, how many copies, and an estimate of when the book will be delivered.

Can I delay my holds or cancel them?


You can delay when get the hold and cancel it at any time from the “Holds” page.

Go to the title that you want to delay and click “Manage Hold” then tap “Suspend Hold” Be aware that by delaying your hold, your passing the book to the next person in line. You will get the next available copy after your “deliver later” date.

You can suspend your hold for as little as a couple of days to a maximum of 180 days.

If you are busy and want suspend all your holds, you can do that by clicking on ‘Actions’ and then selecting ‘Suspend All Holds.’ You will then choose how many days would you like your holds to be suspended by.

My hold just became available but I don’t want it just yet. Can I delay?

Sure can! You can delay your hold if you are not ready to borrow it after it becomes available. On your “Shelf” you will find the hold and you can click “deliver later.”

I forgot my hold, what will happen?

After three days, Libby will automatically deliver the loan 7 days later. If you still have not borrowed the hold after if becomes available a second time, the hold will be cancelled.

If you ever need more help with Libby do not hesitate to call Plano Public Library or come in and see if we can help you! You can also get help through Libby. You can also access Help on Libby by clicking on the little face in the top right corner.

You will then scroll past your library cards to “Help and Support” and click on “Get Some Help”

You can check out their common solutions on the lower part of the page. However, it is best to write out your problem in the “How can we help” bar.

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