SNAP Calming Activity: Quiet Tent
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SNAP Calming Activity: Quiet Tent

Welcome to SNAP (Special Needs and Autism-Friendly Programs) Calming and Movement Activities – At Home edition!

Plano Public Library is bringing you monthly at-home activities, including STEAM Science Explorers, Calming and Movement Activities, and Storytimes at Home. Today, we are talking about Quiet Tents and other personal spaces for children where they can get away from overwhelming sights and sounds. 

Quiet Tents not only offer a quiet space for your child, but they also offer a personal space for kids to physically separate themselves from a high sensory situation. Plano Public Library’s SNAP Storytimes feature a Quiet Tent that kids use as a safe space for peace and quiet during our programming. 

Your very own Quiet Tent at home is a great space to bring a calm atmosphere to busy lives. They provide an opportunity to reflect and de-stress from the sights and sounds we all encounter daily. Quiet spaces, like a Quiet Tent, also can also help kids disconnect from online games and social media. 

At home, you can designate a room (or a couch filled with comfy pillows) as a quiet area. Everyone in the household should know that when that designated space is occupied it is time to have a quiet residence. Additionally, you can set a certain time of day to be a quiet hour to bring about a calming atmosphere. 

Other great quiet places include the outdoors! This could be a local nature preserve or a state or national park. These places have trails, campsites and observation areas that can provide areas of peace and quiet as well as great opportunities to view nature. 

Plano Public Library offers many different types of Sensory Backpacks for children with special needs. If you are looking for additional material to encourage a calm and quiet environment, we recommend the Sensory Backpack “Yoga and Focus”. 

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