Plano Reads: Goats
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Plano Reads: Goats

Trip, trap, trip, trap! Who’s that tripping over to our blog? We’re back with another book list with some of our favorite goat stories.

Whether your little billy goat enjoys listening to stories or is ready to read on their own, this book list has something for everyone to enjoy.

This Saturday on our “Saturday Stories on the Farmstead” we are at the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, Texas to have a storytime about counting! Be sure to check our Facebook page at 10:30 a.m. on November 27 for the premiere. Check out our teaser below!

Whether you’re looking for a story to share or to learn something new, this list has you covered. You can see the books below and place them on hold in our catalog.

Board Books

Note: Board books are unavailable for holds requests. To check out these titles, you’ll need to come to a library and grab it from the display. The catalog link will show you where the book is available.

Animal Babies on the Mountain! by Julia Groves
What’s a baby goat called? Or a baby panda? In this collection of mountain creatures and their young, Julia Groves’ distinctive art style captures each animal’s unique beauty.

Picture Books

The Three Billy Goats Gruff adapted by Mara Alperin Request
Three clever billy goats outwit a big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge they must cross on their way to a greener hillside.

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney Request
Following their teacher’s lead, Llama Llama speaks to Gilroy Goat and tells him he should not act like a bully on the playground.

Let’s Count Goats by Mem Fox Request
The reader is invited to count goats of many shapes, sizes, hobbies, and professions.

Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist Request
Goat is the grumpiest animal at Sunny Acres farm until he remembers that there is more to life than eating and being alone. 

The Greedy Goat by Petr Horáček Request
Goat is tired of eating grass. First she tries the dog’s breakfast washed down with some of the cat’s milk. As Goat becomes more adventurous in her eating, the family notices that things have gone missing– including Goat herself, who begins to feel colorfully unwell.

Beatrice’s Goat by Page McBrier Request
A young girl’s dream of attending school in her small Ugandan village is fulfilled after her family is given an income-producing goat. Based on a true story about the work of Project Heifer.

Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival Request
Alfonzo the goat is very happy wearing his new coat to stroll through the forest, but as he helps a series of friends in need, his coat becomes increasingly shabby.

Oh, Look! by Patricia Polacco Request
Three goats visit a fair but run home after they seem to encounter a troll. 

Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat Request
A very picky eater, Gregory the goat refuses the usual goat diet staples of shoes and tin cans in favor of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and orange juice.

Early Readers

Go Home, Goat by Molly Coxe Request
One cold, snowy day Goat asks Mole, Snowshoe Hare, and Polar Bear if he can warm up in their homes, because he has no home of his own.

Little Troll by Penny Dolan Request
Little Troll lives happily under a bridge until some goats start to bully him, but when the goats get into trouble and Little Troll saves them, they learn to coexist peacefully.

The Three Goats by Margaret Hillert Request
ISimple retelling of the traditional tale about three billy goats who trick a troll that lives under the bridge. Includes related activities.

Who Ate My Book? by Tina Kügler Request
Someone is taking bites out of this book! And we have a feeling a certain mischievous goat has something to do with it…A goat is on the loose and is taking bites out of everything, even the pages of this book! Join the fun in this story perfect for early readers.

Goat in a Boat by Lesley Sims Request
Goat decides they need different food to eat, so he gets his boat and goes fishing in the castle’s moat.

Junior Fiction

The Goat Who Chewed Too Much by Tom Angleberger Request
When his goat assistant is arrested for stealing the golden pickle paperweight, a mystery-solving Venus flytrap is determined to find the real thief. Inspector Flytrap is a Venus flytrap who solves mysteries! Nina is a goat, and Inspector Flytrap’s trusty assistant. Follow along as they solve a train robbery, sneak into a dog show, and capture a master criminal!

The Case of the Wandering Goats by John R. Erickson Request
Hank and Slim encounter unexpected dangers and surprises as they search for a herd of missing show goats.

The Goat by Anne Fleming Request
Kid and her family move to an apartment building in New York City, whose eccentric residents include a skateboarding fantasy writer, a guinea pig hoarder, and possibly a goat who lives on the roof.

Farm Fresh Fun by Veera Hiranandani Request
At Goat Hill Farm, third-grade best friends Phoebe, Sage, and Camille collect eggs from chickens, watch goats get milked, pick apples, and help make a farm fresh lunch, but when Phoebe and Sage decide to help the goats by opening their gate, a peaceful field trip turns into a wild, noisy adventure.

Junior Non-Fiction

Goats by Lori Dittmer Request
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of goats, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a goat’s growth process from embryo to kid to mature goat.

Go, Goats! by Kama Einhorn Request
Looks at what life is like at a farm sanctuary in upstate New York.

Goats by Emily K. Green Request
A basic introduction to goats and how they live on the farm. Simple text and full color photographs. Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through third grade.

The Goat with Many Coats by Leanne Lauricella Request
Brought to live at the Goats of Anarchy farm, a small goat named Prospect is given a series of coats to keep warm during the winter.

Polly and Her Duck Costume: The True Story of a Little Blind Rescue Goat by Leanne Lauricella Request
Polly and Her Duck Costume tells the true story of Polly, a little blind goat who was rescued by Leanne Lauricella, rescuer of farmyard animals and founder of the immensely popular Instagram account The Goats of Anarchy. Polly has some trouble adapting to her new life until her new mom gives her a warm and fuzzy duck costume, which turns out to be the perfect fit! Follow along with Polly as she finds love with her new family, gains confidence, and makes new friends.

Goats on the Family Farm by Chana Stiefel Request
An introduction to life on a farm for early readers. Find out what a goat eats, where it lives, and how goats milk can be made into cheese.

Be sure to browse the library catalog online here, and use your library card number and PIN (last four digits of your phone number) to place a hold request.

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