Virtual Program Recap 20
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Virtual Program Recap 20

While the library is closed, we’re offering virtual program opportunities to learn at home.

Over the past week we put together a variety family learning activities and professional development workshops. Watch the videos below to see what each activity is.

Be sure to check the City of Plano calendar of events to see what’s happening with the Library and other City departments.

Medicare 101 Workshop

Are you eligible for Medicare and confused about options for Medicare coverage? Are you still working with employer coverage and wondering if you should sign up for Medicare or not? Are you or a loved one having a hard time affording your Medicare costs?

Mary Jane Frank, Benefits Counselor for Area Agency on Aging of North Central Texas, will cover the basics of Medicare and government programs to help with Medicare costs.

Inkscape: Logo Design (Basics)

Design a simple business or personal logo using Inkscape, a free image creation program. Download Inkscape to follow along.


Have you notice when you touch something, it leaves a mark? Especially on a shiny surface, like a phone screen or tablet device? Or when you use tape? This is a fingerprint! Each print is unique, not even identical twins share the same fingerprints.

In this activity we are exploring fingerprints, and with a balloon with ink we’ll magnify our prints.

Download our handout with sorting chart and reading recommendations:

Google Docs (Basics)

Learn the basics of Google’s free word processing app using a resume as an example. Create a free Google account or sign in to your account to follow along with the class.

National Anthropology Museum

Vamanos to Mexico City to find the famous Stone of the Sun at the National Museum of Anthropology! To follow along on this Virtual Field Trip, you will need a computer, Internet and use Google Maps – Street View.

Step-by-step instructions, additional activities and library resources for this Virtual Field Trip are available on the Plano Library Learns blog.

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