Virtual Program Recap 7
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Virtual Program Recap 7

While the library is closed, we’re offering virtual program opportunities to learn at home on our Facebook page!

Over the past week we put together a variety of science and art activities you can do at home with some common supplies. Watch the videos below to see what each activity is, and download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

Be sure to check the City of Plano calendar of events to see what’s happening with the Library and other City departments.

Constellation Creation

A constellation is a group of stars that forms a pattern.:Orion, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor are just a few of the eighty-eight identified constellations. In this activity, we are going to create our own constellation projector using some simple items from around your home.

Discovering Density

You can stack books and blocks, but did you know you can stack liquids? See if you can make a liquid rainbow in a jar while learning about density.

Tape Town

Tape Town is an opportunity to talk about our daily routines, the world around us and our favorite places. Use tape, paper, cardboard and toys to build a replica of your neighborhood or make up your own new town!


A seesaw is actually a type of simple machine called a lever. Levers help us move heavy things by adjusting how much effort we have to put into lifting the load. Explore weight and effort in this fun activity in which you’ll make your very own seesaw!

Painting with Ice

Are you looking for a cool project that combines Art and Science? In this activity kids will explore what happens when water with food coloring is placed in the freezer – and then paint with it!

Be sure to download our instruction guides with additional resources online here. 

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